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Trump ignores Colorado’s Democratic governor and gives credit for ventilator request to Republican Senator

Trump ignores Colorado’s Democratic governor and gives credit for ventilator request to Republican Senator

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There is nothing in Donald Trump’s limited mental repertoire that is not intentionally politically self-serving.

Not even during the national health emergency that the nation is now experiencing will this president drop his partisanship in favor of doing what’s right simply for the sake of saving lives.

This predilection for calculating maximum self-benefit is evident in a recent tweet the president sent that announced he would be providing 100 ventilators to the state of Colorado from the federal stockpile in an effort to help that state provide care for its 5,429 citizens infected with coronavirus cases (as of Wednesday morning).

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At first glance, one might not immediately see the partisan element in this post.

However, a closer examination will reveal that Trump’s attribution of the request to Colorado’s Republican Senator Corey Gardner — who holds one of the most vulnerable GOP seats in the Senate in the upcoming 2020 election in a swing state that has leaned increasingly Democratic in the past few elections — is part of his attempts to leverage any of the disaster relief tools that the president has at his disposal during the pandemic crisis to benefit Republican — and his own — interests.

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As Robert McGuire, the research director for Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW), noted in a post on Twitter, Trump, in declaring that he is providing the ventilators at the request of the state’s Republican senator, completely ignored the Democratic governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, who has been desperately pleading for assistance, including ventilators, fro the federal government for days.

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Anyone who believes that the president’s failure to even mention the Colorado governor’s existence in his tweet was not an intentional slight intended to bolster the image of the state’s electorally-threatened GOP senator may be — to quote the now-former acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly — “too naïve or too stupid” to properly understand the lengths to which Trump will go to politicize the coronavirus crisis to his own party’s benefit.

Coming on the heels of accusations that distribution of the limited amount of emergency medical supplies in the federal stockpile is being allocated based not on actual need, but by political expediency, this latest evidence just adds to the reasons that another article of impeachment for abuse of power is in order for this president.

It also points out the importance for Democrats to loudly publicize Trump’s unequal treatment of states based on their political leanings, a traitorous abdication of his sworn constitutional duty to serve all Americans, not just his base, as they campaign to rid the White House of the political pestilence that has infected the body of the executive branch.

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