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Americans hilariously dunk on Confederacy on the anniversary of Civil War surrender

Americans hilariously dunk on Confederacy on the anniversary of Civil War surrender

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On this day in 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appotomax Courthouse in Virginia, marking the de facto defeat of the Confederacy and the beginning of its ultimate dissolution.

Such a day offers us a chance to reflect on the lives that were sacrificed to defeat that vile secessionist alliance as well as a chance to recognize the unfortunate reality that the legacy of slavery endures, made manifest in this country’s myriad forms of interpersonal and institutional racism. We have come far and we have far left to go.

The defeat of the Confederate States of America also carries a particular poignancy right now, in this our fourth year under a white-nationalist sympathizing president. Tellingly, Donald Trump has praised the brutal Robert E. Lee in the past, lest anyone misunderstand where his true sympathies lie.

Trump—an avowed sexual predator and washed-up reality TV star with no qualifications for political office—would have never been able to reach the Oval Office without harnessing the racism still deeply embedded in many parts of this country.

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April 9th is a potent reminder that these forces, regardless of their current ascendant power, can and must be defeated. With that in mind, countless Americans took to Twitter today to dance upon the grave of the Confederacy. Some offered sincere, sober-minded opinions on the Civil War and its participants.

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Others chose to mock the defeated Confederates and their primary military leader Robert E. Lee, employing everything from hilariously crude personal insults to fake quotes.

The vanquished in this case deserve neither our respect nor our civility. They were men engaged in the pursuit and defense of a truly evil cause. Reducing them to jokes (while still recognizing the severity of their crimes) is a great way to fight back against the admiration for these individuals that persists within certain vestiges of the nation that still flirt with the “Lost Cause” myth.

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