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George Conway unloads on “narcissistic” Trump after admin bans health officials from going on CNN

George Conway unloads on “narcissistic” Trump after admin bans health officials from going on CNN

The Trump administration, in a pathetic effort to convince the nation that it has handled the coronavirus pandemic with anything even vaguely resembling competency, has been hosting regular press conferences which in practice amount to little more than occasions for Trump to sling blame at everyone but himself.

As it’s now become abundantly clear that these pressers offer little substance or useful information for the American public, CNN has elected against running them in full. It’s a perfectly reasonable decision on the network’s part.

There is no reason to waste so much air-time on what are essentially mini Trump campaign rallies when that same time could be better spent broadcasting information from legitimate health experts.

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In response to CNN’s decision, Vice President Mike Pence’s office is taking the stunning step of blocking the country’s most prominent health officials from making appearances on CNN unless the network caves and agrees to run the briefings in full.

Not only is it an incredibly petty move unbecoming of the White House, it’s also an actively detrimental move against the nation’s citizenry. As this crisis rages, we should have unrestricted access to the commentary of experts. Pence is preventing that on the basis of partisan hackery. The administration wants more free PR and is willing to endanger Americans to obtain it.

George Conway, persistent Republican critic of Trump and husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, responded to the Pence story on Twitter by condemning the administration for being “more concerned with maintaining a source of the president’s narcissistic supply, and an outlet for his narcissistic rage” than it is with providing the public with the medical information they are in such dire need of right now.

Conway, as he often does, nailed the truth at the heart of this story. These pressers are just useless to just about everyone other than the president, who relishes the opportunity to cape in front of the cameras and throw insults at journalists. Americans are dying and Trump insists on putting his ego first and foremost.

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