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Prominent figures react with disgust as Trump rants about virus presser “ratings”

Prominent figures react with disgust as Trump rants about virus presser “ratings”

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COVID-19 is ravaging the United States and instead of focusing all of his attention on curbing the spread of the virus and minimizing the death toll, President Trump has decided that a good use of his time is to rant about the “ratings” of his coronavirus press conferences. This obsession emerged in the past few days and is quickly coming to dominate his Twitter feed.

Yesterday, he attacked  The Wall Street Journal for failing to mention that his presser ratings are “through the roof.” Today, he slammed the “Opposition Party (Lamestream Media), the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats” as well as “RINO’s” and accused them all of trying to “disparage” and “end” his pressers because their “T.V. Ratings” are “the highest.”

Trump ended the tweet by calling himself “The People’s Voice” a nickname so absurd as to be outright laughable. This billionaire conman has never cared one whit about the people of this country. He uses his “voice” not to inform and serve them, but to pump out misinformation in the service of his own political interests.

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Alas, there simply are not enough words in the English language to fully articulate how deeply broken this man is on a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level. Americans are dying and he still refuses to pull himself out of reality television mode.

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There cannot be a single person in this entire country who truly cares about the ratings of the White House press conferences. The events exist solely for Trump to stroke his ego and project a false air of leadership.

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It’s likely this new fixation on coronavirus ratings stems from a decision by CNN to stop running the pressers in their entirety. It’s become clear that they amount to little more extended pitches for Trump’s reelection with some smattering of information from medical professionals. There are better uses of the network’s air time.

CNN’s decision clearly got under the president’s infamously thin skin, because Vice President Mike Pence has banned the nation’s top health officials from appearing on the network until it agrees to run the full press conferences. These goons lack any ability to govern and so they focus solely on playing politics, even as this crisis worsens. Voting them into office was one of the worst decisions this country has ever made.

Many were understandably incensed by the president’s decision to rant about ratings during a pandemic. NBC’s Tom Brokaw compared Trump’s asinine ratings tweets to FDR’s famous and beloved fireside chats. The latter made sure to limit them so that they were imbued with importance, the former is on TV “more than the insurance guy with the peacock.”

Several chose to focus on the disturbing disconnect between Trump’s rhetoric and the grim reality of our rising infection rates.

Other responses ran the gamut.

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