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Trump ignores new pandemic death milestone to tweet about his trade deals

Trump ignores new pandemic death milestone to tweet about his trade deals

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On the day when the United States took the global lead in the number of confirmed deaths from the COVID-19 virus — even as experts said that the total of more than 18,860 is “an underestimation” — Donald Trump was on Twitter trying to toot his own horn on a completely unrelated subject.

In perpetual campaign mode despite the massive tragedies unfolding around him — tragedies that many blame on his slow response, early inaction, and basic incompetence in dealing with the pandemic that we now know he was warned about as early as last November — Trump spent part of Saturday morning bragging about his trade deals with Japan.

With Trump champing at the bit to reopen the U.S. economy at the first available opportunity, many are worried that the tweet focusing on global trade deals indicate a tone-deafness about the current crisis that has brought the economy to a virtual free-fall as businesses and large sections of commerce screech to a halt due to the restrictions put in place to prevent the coronavirus from spreading faster than health care facilities can handle it.

Responses to the tweet demonstrate that many Americans are disgusted by the president’s attempts at self-promotion and electioneering at a time when they are grieving over lost loved ones and worried about their own prospects of survival during the pandemic of a disease with an abnormally high fatality rate and no known cure as of yet.

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Unfortunately, the scary thing is that sprinkled among these frustrated and angry responses from people disgusted with Donald Trump’s self-interested and disturbing inability to step up to fulfill the duties of his office during the biggest domestic crisis in modern history were posts from Trump supporters who are so cultishly loyal to the president that they are blind to his enormous failure in dealing with a real national emergency at a point where it is obvious that the emperor is naked and his wealth is merely fool’s gold.

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