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Kellyanne Conway launches insulting tirade at reporter who Trump called “disgraceful”

Kellyanne Conway launches insulting tirade at reporter who Trump called “disgraceful”

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Kellyanne Conway is back in front of the cameras today to run interference for her execrable boss, flaunting the alienating shamelessness that got her the job in the first place.

Conway’s appearance on Fox & Friends earlier today ended up being an embarrassing display of her own ignorance as she accidentally revealed that she doesn’t know that the “19” COVID-19 stands for 2019.

Now, Conway has taken a page directly out of Trump’s playbook when it comes to dealing with the media. While speaking to reporters, Conway launched into an insulting tirade against CBS’s Paula Reid, the journalist who the president himself recently attacked during a coronavirus press conference.

Reid asked Conway for specific details on Trump’s new council to reopen the American economy and questioned whether there is any intention to diversify it since it seems poised to contain predominantly wealthy white men. Conway responded by reeling off different economic sectors that Trump is supposedly focused on without offering a concrete answer.

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“We don’t pick who the heads of the sports commission leagues and CEOs of companies are who want to to help…” Conway said, in an effort to obfuscate the fact that the composition of the aforementioned economic council is absolutely something the White House will “pick.”

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Reid pointed out that the administration could pick small businesses and make sure there are diverse voices included, at which point Conway’s rhetoric took an ugly turn.

“Paula, I actually don’t know what’s happened to you, respectfully. I don’t know why you’ve changed and you’re in the briefing room screaming at Anthony Fauci and the President of the United States. I frankly think it’s unbecoming,” said Conway.

“But that aside I’ll answer the question about how they’re going to help America which is why I’m here. I think you’re here for a different reason it seems these days,” Conway went on, getting in another cheap shot.

It long ago became clear that Trump’s disdain for the free press has infected his entire White House, but that doesn’t make this performance any less excusable.

It’s worth noting that Conway herself has “changed” and her past criticisms of Donald Trump makes it clear she knows what kind of man he is. She simply doesn’t care because he’s afforded her great power and influence. History will not be kind to this woman.

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