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FOX News doctor says re-opening schools early is “appetizing” because only 2-3% will die

FOX News doctor says re-opening schools early is “appetizing” because only 2-3% will die

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With the coronavirus crisis showing no signs of abating any time soon, the president and his loyal sycophants in the media are growing more and more worried that the staggering unemployment and economic instability will drag into November and hamper Trump’s re-election efforts.

The chorus of right-wing voices making the case for re-opening the economy and resuming normal life before medical experts believe it is safe to do so is growing with each passing day — and the more desperate they become, so grows the ghoulishness of their arguments.

Television quack doctor and pseudoscience promoter Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Öz, better known as “Dr. Oz,” made the appalling argument today on FOX News that public schools were an “appetizing opportunity” for early re-opening because projections indicate that *only* 2-3% of children and their parents would die from virus exposure.

Dr. Oz did not go into detail about what exactly was appetizing about the prospect of over a million dead Americans from unnessessary coronavirus exposure.

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It is terrifying to see the kind of propaganda and coronavirus misinformation that FOX News and the rest of the right-wing media colossus is spitting out at a stunning pace. There is absolutely no need to put so many lives at risk and cause so many preventable deaths, and we all know Dr. Oz’s four children aren’t going to be the ones in the most danger.

Re-opening the schools puts not just of America’s schoolchildren at risk but also their parents, grandparents, teachers, cafeteria workers, janitors, nurses, crossing guards, everyone who is involved in keeping the nation’s children safe, fed, and educated.

Broadcasting this kind of horrifying drivel to the nation from a fake TV doctor not only undermines the credibility of America’s actual medical experts but also sends a monstrous reminder to the rest of the nation: the upper class believes that your lives are worth less than their pocketbooks and stock portfolios, and they’ll gladly sacrifice your children in order to protect them.

Social media immediately erupted in outrage and disgust:

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