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Trump hurls avalanche of insults at Nancy Pelosi in unprompted Twitter outburst

Trump hurls avalanche of insults at Nancy Pelosi in unprompted Twitter outburst

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The coronavirus crisis is at its height, and still, the president of the United States refuses to make even a cursory effort to show leadership and unite the country in the face of a common enemy.

President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday morning to antagonize House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a slew of childish insults and petty jabs.

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Quoting his favorite FOX News conspiracy theorist, Sean Hannity and mixing in some invective of his own, Trump tore into the one political leader in Washington who has actually shown some competence and resolve in the face of this horror.

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The president’s rant speaks more to his own insecurity than it says anything about Speaker Pelosi.

Donald Trump is a weak person and a poor leader, a man who has proven time and time again that he is totally incompetent and controlled by whoever the last person he spoke to was — and a man who needs to start actually doing his job and taking the action that the people of this country need from him.

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It just goes to show that the president would rather pursue his petty feuds than work with the party that controls Congress to try to aid the American people as millions file for unemployment and thousands die of disease. Removing him from office has to be a national priority this November; he’s proven time and time again he has no interest in taking care of us, working with anyone he doesn’t like, or actually doing his job.

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