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Trump renews bizarre love affair with trucks in White House presser

Trump renews bizarre love affair with trucks in White House presser

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It can sometimes be easy to forget, amidst all of his gross incompetencies and sadistic cruelties, what a fundamentally bizarre man Donald J. Trump really is. His obsessions are often entirely arbitrary to the outside eye and when he gets to rambling on one of his semi-coherent rants his stream of consciousness can take him to random and genuinely perplexing places.

Today, the president decided to host an event with American truckers at the White House. Readers may recall a similar past event, during which Trump climbed inside a Mack truck and pretended to steer it while making all kinds of childish facial expressions, indulging in his fantasy of being a man’s man instead of just a coddled scion who inherited hundreds of millions of dollars from his crooked father.

One would have to be a fool to believe that a plutocrat like Trump genuinely cares about truckers, but he knows that co-opting the image of these hardworking Americans is a useful way to bamboozle those voters gullible enough to fall for his man-of-the-people, champion of blue-collar workers shtick.

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What should have been a straightforward PR event quickly took a turn for the weird though, as the president once again displayed his uncanny inability to act like a normal human being. Trump approached the podium to give his speech but stopped to pat the truck like a pet dog, remarking that it was “beautiful stuff.”

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“They are beautiful, beautiful trucks. That’s the real deal. You wouldn’t switch jobs with anybody would you huh? You wouldn’t. I know the truckers. They wouldn’t switch with anybody. It’s what they love, right?” Trump said, glibly sanding over the fact that truck driving is a demanding, exhausting profession that many Americans turn to out of necessity rather than desire.

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For Trump, a man who has never worked an honest day in his life, to pretend like he has any understanding of trucking is laughable. What’s less laughable were his comments that drivers are going to be working so hard they won’t be able to take a day to rest, a reality which has been facilitated by his administration’s decision to exempt truckers carrying essential pandemic supplies from the mandated rest stops.

While this temporary change in regulations might be for the best given the ongoing crisis, it should not be made light of. There is nothing funny about drivers working themselves to the bone to deliver relief supplies. Their sacrifice should be respected, not made light of by the president.

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