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Trump unleashes Twitter outburst for Americans to “LIBERATE” Minnesota from virus lockdown

Trump unleashes Twitter outburst for Americans to “LIBERATE” Minnesota from virus lockdown

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The idea is quickly taking hold on the far right that the government should immediately move to reopen the economy and send people back to work even if it means a big spike in coronavirus deaths. Fox News has been steadily beating the drum that such losses would be acceptable and Trump himself is actively pushing for a speedy return to economic productivity.

It’s hardly surprising that the GOP, a political party that exists primarily to protect the wealth of the super-rich, would be willing to sacrifice American lives for profits, but it is surprising how many people seem to be falling for it.

Yes, being unable to work is a terrible burden and the economic downturn will hurt all of us, but sending people back to work early and skyrocketing the infection and mortality rates would overwhelm hospitals and perhaps even push us into a worse economic position. The sudden deaths of thousands of Americans would have an unimaginable effect on this country, both psychologically and economically. There is simply no sane argument to ease virus restrictions yet.

Protests are starting to heat up, as Americans who clearly don’t take this pandemic seriously enough pressure their state leadership to prematurely end shelter in place laws. Michigan saw a mob of conservatives and Trump supporters descend on the state capitol to protest the Democratic governor and demand an end to virus restrictions. Similar protests against stay at home orders were held at the governor’s mansions in Minnesota and Virginia.

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The position the president finds himself in is one of his own making. He rode into the White House on a wave of far-right populism, with all the warts (namely anti-science biases) that come with such politics. Now he must decide between these frankly suicidal calls for an early reopening against his desire to keep his base happy and convinced that he’s on that side.

To that end, Trump tweeted out in all caps that Americans must “LIBERATE” Minnesota, followed up by a similar tweet about Michigan and one about Virginia.

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The deranged all caps messages were just vague enough that protestors will be able to read them as unwavering support for their causes and unspecific enough that he has plausible deniability when it’s pointed out that he’s backing an idea that will kill countless Americans.

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If there’s one reliable thing about Donald J. Trump it’s that he will always put his own political interests over the common good and health of this nation.

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