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Trump explodes at “RUDE” and “NASTY” Democrats for demanding answers from Pence

Trump explodes at “RUDE” and “NASTY” Democrats for demanding answers from Pence

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Donald Trump continues to live in a fantasy land that exists only in his own mind.

In this fictional alternative universe, everything that the president says is “perfect,” every job he does is “GREAT,” and his presidential responsibilities consist only of fighting those who try to convince him that reality is greatly contradicting his rosy views of his own imagined successes.

As his latest Twitter tantrum demonstrates, our current executive-in-chief may as well be a five-year-old sitting in bed in his pajamas imagining vanquishing his eternal foes — the “Do Nothing Democrats” (you know, the ones in the House of Representatives who have passed hundreds of bills that the Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell simply refuses to even consider for a vote) and the “Lamestream Media” who commit the mortal sin of publishing facts rather than his stream of lies.

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To put Trump’s high dudgeon in perspective, it helps to know that Senate Democrats response to the pandering conference call conducted by Vice President Pence yesterday was described as “livid” after the administration failed to offer any concrete details about the progress on plans for large scale COVID-19 virus testing, with one anonymous Democrat saying that the Trump team “was vague on the details and was overly optimistic in its thinking” on the reopening of the economy.

Even the normally even-tempered Senator Angus King (I-ME) who caucuses with the Democrats charged the administration with leaving states “adrift,” that it was a “dereliction of duty”, and that he  had “never been so mad about a phone call in my life.”

If even a political independent like Senator King is disturbed to the point of extreme agitation by the Trump administration’s desperate gaslighting of the nation to coverup their massive incompetence and even Republican governors are finding it impossible to confirm the president’s lies about the availability of testing and personal protective equipment like masks and gowns, then the media is sure to report on their reactions.

Having his protective bubble of lies punctured by a free press during a presidential campaign is Trump’s worst nightmare, so it forces him to double down on his lies and gaslighting.

Trump’s tweets are a mirror of his own “RUDE and NASTY” behavior that insults the intelligence of the American people who can see their relatives and friends dying needlessly from a disease that could have been contained much earlier had the president not abdicated his executive responsibilities to play golf and hold campaign rallies when he should have heeded the multiple warnings he was given about the seriousness of the pandemic.

His political playbook consists of denying responsibility, placing blame on others, and pretending that whatever he does is the best that anyone could do.

Come November, Trump will be right about at least one thing: “America will not be fooled!!!”

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