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Trump retweets poll saying 49% better off than 4 years ago, but ignores its other brutal findings

Trump retweets poll saying 49% better off than 4 years ago, but ignores its other brutal findings

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Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is like a ruptured high-pressure sewage pipe spewing infectious lies and self-serving misinformation faster than the emergency workers — in the form of the fact-checkers in the free press — can stem the flood of disease-instigating verbal defecation spreading across the landscape of the internet.

One gets the sense that Trump doesn’t even bother to read beyond the headlines of the posts that he retweets as a large portion of his feed these days.

Take this post which futilely tries to revive a campaign slogan successfully used by Ronald Reagan in his campaign against President Jimmy Carter in 1980 to Trump’s benefit by asking the same question that the GOP parlayed into a resounding defeat for the Democratic incumbent after the steep rise in gas prices during the oil crisis and the Iranian hostage situation damaged Carter’s standing in the public eye.

That Trump retweeted this in the midst of a pandemic that has killed thousands after his initial downplaying of the seriousness of the threat despite being warned by intelligence agencies of its potential for disastrous consequences only demonstrates that on a scale of one to a hundred, his arrogance still is higher than his IQ.

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While the results of this assessment of personal satisfaction may be difficult to believe in the current environment, the selective cherry-picking of poll results ignores the much more negative results that the same poll finds in regards to Trump’s own performance.

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For instance, 56% of the respondents were “not very satisfied” or “not satisfied at all” with the U.S. government’s current response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The poll also finds that 53% disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president, 54% disapprove of the president’s own response to the coronavirus outbreak.

While his retweet boasts that the four-year comparison of the respondents’ attitudes towards being “better off” bodes well for his reelection chances, Trump ignores the fact that only 44% of those polled would vote for him while 48% indicated that they’d be voting for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Perhaps that’s because while 55% of the people are either “extremely worried” or “somewhat worried” that they will become sick after a COVID-19 infection, 60% of them are “not very confident” or “not confident at all” that they could get a coronavirus test if they wanted one.

Moreover, when asked: “Have you recently experienced grocery shortages or had difficulty buying household items like toilet paper?”, 83% responded yes, something that no one would have even imagined having to ask four years ago.

59% of the respondents support a national quarantine with 52% saying that it will be at least the end of June before things return to normal.

14% believe that things will never be the same.

That’s not surprising when 43% say that the pandemic outbreak has reduced their household income.

And things are better than before Trump took office?

Then again 32% of the respondents in this particular survey were already unemployed before the coronavirus outbreak. Perhaps they’re either just enjoying their retirement or the fact that their unemployment benefits have been extended.

Overall, a close examination of the polling data makes it seem a lot less like something Trump should be retweeting to support his popularity and a lot more like an indictment of the most widely acknowledged failed presidency in American history.

Given that the president’s attention span compares unfavorably to that of a gnat, it’s not a revelation that he doesn’t even bother to read the underlying material in the tweets that he forwards.

When you consider that he likely didn’t read — or even worse, read and chose to ignore — the intelligence reports that warned him of the potential pandemic as early as last November, one realizes just how dangerous it is having this completely unqualified person in the highest office in the land.

Let’s show him what we really think at the ultimate poll, the one in November.

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