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Trump’s virus briefing devolves into personal attacks on media amidst excuses, blame, and falsehoods

Trump’s virus briefing devolves into personal attacks on media amidst excuses, blame, and falsehoods

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After a blissful Easter weekend in which Donald Trump avoided holding any of his campaign propaganda sessions disguised as press briefings on both Saturday and Sunday last week, the weekend misinformation sessions returned today with a vengeance.

While it is difficult to sit through Trump’s transparently self-interested monologues consisting of political grievances, blame-casting, and the distracting spin he uses to excuse his administration’s ongoing multiple failures to properly address the pandemic — one that could have had much less severe consequences were it not for the president’s slug-like response — the indefatigable reporters who’ve been live-tweeting the president’s briefings every day somehow managed to churn out the lowlights of Trump’s repulsive rants without throwing their computers out the window and screaming “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore” ala the news anchor character Howard Beale in the 1975 film classic Network. 

While Aaron Rupar of Vox and CNN‘s fact-checking specialist Daniel Dale may have been quietly replaying that scene in their minds, no reports of flying electronic equipment crashing through glass have made the news, so we can assume that both made it through today’s absurdities without having to place emergency replacement computer orders.

Through both Dale’s text-based descriptions of the president’s remarks and Rupar’s commentary based on video excerpts proving that Trump actually said that thing that made you shake your head in disbelief, one can get a fairly complete picture of the true derangement on display at these bogus campaign rallies that one must sit through in order to hear the latest statistics from the few scientific voices allowed to get any factual words in edgewise, when not interrupted or prompted by presidential asides.

Here’s a taste of today’s extravaganza:

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The Vox correspondent provides the relevant footage illustrating Dale’s descriptions.

Trump continued to ramble on spouting unverified accusations against China before declaring his victory over the ventilators he now claims to be under his soveriegnity.

If the deadly seriousness of the pandemic wasn’t weighing so heavily on the entire nation, Trump’s attempts to blame Democrats of politicizing his administration’s incompetence in dealing with the crisis in the middle of his finger-pointing blame-game would be truly chortle-heavy laughable.

Yes, politicizing testing at this time is reprehensible according to the president, but Trump spends the majority of his free campaign ad attacking Democrats, state governors, and the press.

Well, any number spilling out of Trump’s mouth is by definition a number that nobody should have believed. The president’s recollection of dates is equally suspect.

It seems that the “everybody” that Trump refers to likely refers to himself, given that he was still golfing and holding rallies in February despite having been told by intelligence agencies AS EARLY AS LAST NOVEMBER that the coronavirus could turn into a life-changing pandemic.

Trump’s apparent loathing for the First Amendment became quite clear as he launched into a long rant against the press that refuses to simply accept his constant falsehoods as the truth, singling out particular venom for Maggie Haberman of The New York Times, who we hope has been provided with a security detail to protect her from right-wing lunatics potentially inspired to violence by the president’s personal attacks on her character.

When Trump finally stopped his monologue to allow the Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx to speak, he still refused to shut up, interrupting the patiently suffering physician’s presentation with comments from the sidelines.

Trump’s usually contentious question and answer battle with reporters was no less bellicose than usual, although one longs for one brave White House correspondent to replicate the action an Iraqi journalist took with President G.W. Bush at the 2008 press conference where the then-president was narrowly missed by thrown shoes in the ultimate sign of middle-eastern disrespect.

While there are plenty more examples of Trump’s outright lies, evasiveness, and both offensive and defensive political posturing at today’s press briefing that we could include here, we’ll direct you to the full Twitter threads of the esteemed Mr. Rupar and Mr. Dale to read the rest, or, if you have the stomach for it, you can watch the entire press conference at C-Span’s website.

Before we go to our own window to shout out our frustrations with this COVID-19 fever-induced nightmare of a president, we’ll leave you with a concluding gem from Vox‘s Mr. Rupar’s video blog of the event.

We did. We are. And we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

See you at the polls in November, if we can survive this madness until then.

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Original reporting by Daniel Dale at CNN and Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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