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Trump bitterly complains about Morning Joe and brags about his ratings in morning tweetburst

Trump bitterly complains about Morning Joe and brags about his ratings in morning tweetburst

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President Trump is reminiscent of the more grotesque Roman emperors in many ways, but it’s his refusal to take the national crisis seriously or take any responsibility for it that truly evokes the phrase “fiddling while Rome burns.”

In the case of our pugilistic, narcissistic president, the modern equivalent is “tweeting while the nation succumbs to a pandemic that he had full warning of and failed to prepare for.”

As thousands of Americans die every day, the president makes it clear he is spending his days watching television and obsessing over his critics instead of focusing on the crisis gripping the nation and getting relief to its beleaguered people.

Tuesday morning saw the president erupt in a rage at his former friend and former Republican “Morning” Joe Scarborough, trashing him as “Morning Psycho” and bitterly complaining about the “hatred and contempt” that the pundit shows towards him. It’s obvious the president was not pleased with this morning’s broadcast.

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The abuse hurled at Joe Scarborough and his wife Mika is a common occurrence from the president, more evidence that he is utterly incapable of letting anything go.

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Every slight and perceived insult against him lodges in his craw and festers forever, the embers of wounded ego rekindling every time he discovers new evidence of their treachery — which he goes out of his way to seek, inexorably and inexplicably compelled to immerse himself in the disgust he elicits from others.

The president followed up his attack on Scarborough with a ridiculous boast about how he somehow defeated a “lamestream” media that in reality propped up his candidacy with hundreds of millions of dollars in free media coverage.

And finally ended his morning Twitter outburst with the most jarring tweet of all — yet another boast about the ratings of his daily White House press briefings. Rather than focus on the deadly pandemic that necessitated the daily briefings in the first place, the president would rather turn it into a celebration of himself, choosing to perceive the millions of people tuning in for information about a disease that has killed more Americans than the Vietnam War as a sign of their love for him and not their desire for leadership and solace from the man in charge of the country.

It’s clear from his inexcusable mismanagement and his relentless push to re-open the country before it is medically safe to do so that the lives of Americans are the last thing on his mind. Even when faced with the most serious crisis of the 21st century, the would-be emperor can still only think of himself.

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