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GOP State Senator and wife liken Ohio Jewish Health Director to satanic Nazi

GOP State Senator and wife liken Ohio Jewish Health Director to satanic Nazi

Barring some unforeseen and unlikely seismic shift in its morality and soul, the Republican Party is beyond saving. The positioning of Trump as the GOP’s leader is the most obvious sign of the rot running to the core, but the malignancy is rampant and has been building up for decades.

This nation’s conservative party now stands for little more than gleeful anti-scientism, virulent racism, and the shameless enriching of the top 1%. From the White House all the way down to the state and local level the GOP is infested with ignoramuses and ghouls.

Earlier today, Tyler Buchanan of the Ohio Capital Journal tweeted out a perfect example of the kind of disgraceful Republican behavior that we’ve unfortunately come to expect from party diehards. He shared Facebook screenshots showing Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner (R) and his wife Sara Marie Brenner comparing Dr. Amy Acton, the Ohio Department of Health Director, to a Nazi. As Buchanan points out, Acton is Jewish.

The original post by Mrs. Brenner smeared Acton for making the reasonable suggestion that the government could begin issuing certificates to people with COVID-19 immunity to help with the current crisis, as it would allow them to go about their business without fear. It’s a clever idea, and one that could help to offset some of the negative economic impacts the pandemic has already inflicted.

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“With a German accent, in your head say ‘Show me your papers.’ This is downright scary!” Brenner’s post begins, clearly referencing Nazi Germany.

She goes on to slam Acton’s idea as “mark of the beast type talk,” referring to Satanic mythology from the Book of Revelations. She writes that the coronavirus papers would be “worse than China” and that it actually feels like “Hitler’s Germany.” Senator Brenner cosigned his wife’s post by responding with “We won’t allow that to happen in Ohio.”

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The post is from beginning to end a perfect distillation of the disturbing paranoia and hysteria that is absolutely rampant on the political right. A rational person would not see any similarities between a bill of good health and the brutalities of national socialism, but Republicans like Brenner don’t operate in the real world.

Her comments and her husband’s subsequent endorsement of them are especially heinous since, as Buchanan points out, they came not long after Acton gave a moving speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day. The people of Senator Brenner’s district must be made aware of his disgusting behavior. Is this really who they want representing them in the Ohio Statehouse?

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