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Trump’s press secretary claims he’s too busy to eat after he spends all weekend tweeting

Trump’s press secretary claims he’s too busy to eat after he spends all weekend tweeting

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Donald Trump had a particularly unhinged weekend as it seemed like he was even more incapable than usual of staying away from Twitter. The president blasted out tweet after tweet, ranging from an embarrassing rant about “Noble prizes” to the laugh-out-loud absurd claim that he is the “hardest working president in history.”

All of this wasted energy on social media could have been directed at the one thing the president should be focused on right now: the COVID-10 pandemic. The CDC estimates almost a million Americans have been infected and over 52,000 people have died. By choosing to indulge in his Twitter addiction rather than devoting himself entirely to the coronavirus, Trump is failing us all.

After such a red-letter weekend, it was inevitable that his goons would appear on television to spin his weekend internet meltdown.

Kayleigh McEnany, Press Secretary for the Trump campaign, went on Fox News to do damage control. She claimed that Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has said that the president is so busy, his daily schedule so absolutely packed, that Meadows worries he won’t make enough time to “get a bite to eat here and there.”

Yes, this White House’s official claim is now that Donald J. Trump, a man who can’t seem to focus on anything beyond attacking his perceived enemies on Twitter is, in fact, working himself so aggressively that members of his staff are worried that he isn’t eating enough.

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Consider for a moment how little respect this administration must have for the American voter if they think this is a narrative they can convincingly peddle. We can all see how President Trump actually spends his time. If we didn’t already know that he wastes much of his time watching cable news during his so-called “Executive Time” we would need only glance at his overactive Twitter account to see how he really spends his day.

McEnany’s claim, like this entire presidency, is a bad joke being played on the American people. These people should be ashamed.

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