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CBS reporter claps back at Trump after he says media “viciously gripes” about his virus response

CBS reporter claps back at Trump after he says media “viciously gripes” about his virus response

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President Trump and his allies have been pushing harder and harder for the economy to re-open and for some semblance of normalcy to return as his re-election chances and the Republican Party’s grip on the Senate grow weaker by the day, even though medical experts warn that doing so would provide the coronavirus a chance to return in force.

But it appears that the president’s selfish ambitions are more valuable to him than the lives of American citizens, as Tuesday morning saw him once again call for the quick reopening of the American economy and praised the Governor of Texas’ irresponsible decision to resume business operations.

This was all justified by falsely arguing that America’s COVID-19 testing program was “better” and bigger than any other country in the world and bitterly complaining that the media continues to correctly point out that his self-congratulatory assertions are false.

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While he publicly claims “we” are doing far more, just yesterday the White House announced a blueprint for a new testing plan that largely shunts responsibility for the programs on to state governments and puts the federal government as a “supplier of last resort.”

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It is a transparent attempt to absolve the president of the blame for the distressingly inadequate COVID-19 testing being performed in the United States at the very same time that he publicly tries to hoard all the credit for the little testing that is being done.

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To that end, the Trump team has been aggressively misrepresenting the importance of individual test numbers in hopes that simply shouting increasingly impressive numbers will reassure worried citizens (an ironic callback to how Trump deals with the investors he defrauds) and drown out the warnings of the pesky doctors.

But the fact of the matter is that nowhere near enough per-capita testing has been done to begin thinking about re-opening the economy — and for that, Trump only has himself to blame.

CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang said what everybody in the media was thinking in a quote-tweet of the President’s outburst, framed with a simple question: Where are the tests you promised us 53 days ago, President Trump?

If the past few weeks are anything to judge by, we will never get an answer to that question — only more lies and complaints. Perhaps it’s best that testing is being left to the states, because the Trump administration clearly has little interest in doing any.

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