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Republican Senate candidate argues that Trump told us to inject disinfectant to “give hope”

Republican Senate candidate argues that Trump told us to inject disinfectant to “give hope”

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By far the most jaw-dropping moment of last week was when the President of the United States suggested that injecting disinfectants into the bodies of COVID-19 patients might be a helpful remedy for their illness.

For obvious reasons, Trump was pilloried by the press for his dangerous and idiotic suggestion and mocked across the entire social media landscape. He ultimately decided the best way to dig his way out of embarrassment was by ludicrously claiming that his comments (which came across as entirely sincere) were in fact made sarcastically.

Almost as bad as Trump’s unscientific suggestion were the Republicans who flocked to defend it in an obsequious attempt to garner his support and the support of his voters.

Corky Messner, a Republican hoping to secure his party’s nomination in New Hampshire so that he can run against Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) in November, shamelessly defended Trump’s disinfectant suggestion during a radio interview last week.

Messner laughably claimed that President Trump is “doing a great job through this crisis” before diving facefirst into full-on disinfectant injection apologia.

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“I think that you know, as we know, President Trump sometimes, you know, talks in aspirational ways that you know, that… To give hope, perhaps? And that’s who he is. And I think that all of us can—as consumers of that information—and we can get educated and understand what exactly he’s talking about,” rambled Messner.

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“And  I don’t think it’s a good idea that in the midst of this crisis that, you know, the kind of shots that people are taking at the president is just not helpful. I think overall he’s done a really, really good job with this,” fawned Messner.

A spokesperson for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Josh Marcus-Blank, slammed Messner on Twitter for refusing to break ranks with Trump even when it comes to “spreading blatant disinformation that could kill people.”

In Messner’s pathetic defense of the president’s idiocy we find a truly unvarnished look at how the modern Republican Party works. GOP politicians are willing to defend literally anything their party leader says, no matter how wrong, or stupid, or outright dangerous as long as they think it will help their political careers to do so. These shameless opportunists are a disgrace to this country and should be nowhere even remotely close to the levers of power.

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