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Trump childishly rips Justin Amash for floating 3rd party presidential run

Trump childishly rips Justin Amash for floating 3rd party presidential run

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Representative Justin Amash (MI), a former Republican and frequent critic of Donald Trump, has officially announced a presidential exploratory committee for a third party run.

While not everyone who announces such a political move is newsworthy, Amash is already getting attention due to his past spats with the leader of his former party and the fact that he was the only Republican in the House of Representatives to vote in favor of impeaching Trump.

Amash, who went Independent after leaving the GOP and who is now officially a Libertarian and running as such, made the announcement via Twitter.

One need not be a professional political prognosticator to recognize that Amash—barring some truly shocking electoral force majeure—has no chance of seizing the White House through this particular route. Some predict his run might help Trump, as he could peel away moderate Republicans who were considering voting for Joe Biden. Others hope that he could cut into a swath of the GOP that was planning on grudgingly voting for Trump.

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In either case, it’s difficult to see Amash’s run as anything other than an exercise in vanity but hopefully, it will offer him the chance to hammer Donald Trump for betraying all of the principles the Republican Party has long pretended to care about, from national security to so-called “family values.”

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Trump himself has already taken notice of Amash’s announcement. The president retweeted an article shared by Rick Wilson (a GOP operative and brutal critic of Trump) written by Joe Walsh (another Trump critic) which asserts that Amash’s campaign will help Trump win reelection.

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The president sarcastically wrote that Amash would make a “wonderful candidate” because he is “way behind in his district and has no chance of maintaining his Congressional seat.” He slammed Amash for “almost always” voting in support of the “Do Nothing Dems,” a transparent ploy on the president’s part to dissuade Republicans from considering Amash as a conservative alternative to himself.

“I like him even more than Jill Stein!” Trump ended the tweet, referencing the failed and frankly deranged Green Party 2016 candidate.

Clearly, Trump wants the country to think Amash is of no concern to him, but him taking the time to directly attack his former colleague gives away the game. On some level, he’s worried about Amash. The childish, toothless tweets also shows he has no real angle of attack on the Congressman beyond petty mockery.

In any case, the two of them can duke it out all they want. The rest of us must remain focused on ousting the worst president in American history from the White House by voting for Joe Biden. Click here to donate to his campaign and help take back our country.

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