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Acosta confronts Trump for claiming Obama left behind “broken” COVID-19 tests

Acosta confronts Trump for claiming Obama left behind “broken” COVID-19 tests

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Donald Trump will ultimately go down in history as the president who botched the government’s coronavirus response and now it looks like he’s slowly starting to realize it.

The president started out by downplaying the risks of the virus outbreak, then pivoted to attacking the governors, then to insisting that he actually did a great job, and now it seems he’s landed on his inevitable “blame Obama” phase.

Speaking in the Oval Office today, Trump ludicrously tried to dish blame for the novel coronavirus outbreak on the Obama administration by claiming that he inherited “bad, broken tests and obsolete tests” from his predecessor.

The pathetic lie makes absolutely no sense of course since there were no COVID-19 tests during the Obama years because they didn’t exist yet. The “19” in “COVID-19” stands for 2019. Obama left office in 2017.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta pushed the president on his claim, saying that Trump’s claim that “the cupboards were bare” is something that Obama officials would rightly dispute.

“You say ‘broken tests.’ It’s a new virus so how could the tests be broken when you needed a new test?” asked Acosta.

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“Jim we had broken tests. We had tests that were obsolete,” Trump responded, hammering his blatantly mendacious talking point.

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The president then pivoted away from the question, bringing up the swine flu (which has nothing to do with the current COVID-19 nightmare).

“We had tests that didn’t take care of people but here’s what’s really important: If you take a look at the swine. H1N1. Or as Joe Biden would say N1H1. But it’s actually wrong, he didn’t even know the name. Okay?” Trump said, getting in a swipe at the former Democratic candidate who stands poised to defeat him in November.

“H1N1, the swine flu, the Obama administration was a disaster. And they did polling on how did they do and their polls were so negative, so bad. They did a very poor job. And they did a poor job on a lot of things,” Trump went on before pivoting even further away by bringing up more irrelevant points.

“They did a poor job on our military. They did a poor job on our ammunition. When I got here we had no ammunition,” he said, repeating one of his more bizarre favorite lies. “Just like we had no ammunition we had very little medical too. So I think when you ask: ‘How did we do?’ and I have to say it because the news is so fake and so corrupt, I think we did a spectacular job.”

The entire answer was a performance in dissemblance. He managed to completely avoid answering Acosta’s straightforward question about how Obama could leave behind “broken” tests that didn’t even exist yet. As usual, Trump is presuming that his supporters are too stupid to spot his transparent, pathetic lies.

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