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Trump-obsessed firedancer who threatened Biden online arrested with knives outside Navy ship

Trump-obsessed firedancer who threatened Biden online arrested with knives outside Navy ship

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Even when the Oval Office is occupied by a knuckle-dragging ignoramus, the President of the United States wields enormous power every time he speaks. His words can influence his supporters to do things they might never conceive of doing regularly. For that reason, Donald Trump must be held accountable for everything he says.

NBC is now reporting a disturbing story that can be laid squarely at the president’s feet. A woman has been arrested in Manhattan after causing a scene outside of the Navy’s USNS Comfort medical ship. She brought with her a car packed with knives and objects that could be wielded as weapons and is facing 18 counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Jessica Prim, the disturbed 37-year-old woman in question, made sure to stream herself on Facebook as she drove to the ship. Her social media reveals that she is an adherent of the deranged and nonsensical “QAnon” conspiracy theory which holds that—among equally crazy beliefs—Donald Trump is secretly a genius who is working around the clock to expose and jail a pedophile ring within the Democratic Party.

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Daily News further reports that Prim made threatening comments about former Vice President and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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“Hillary Clinton and her assistant, Joe Biden and Tony Podesta need to be taken out in the name of Babylon! I can’t be set free without them gone. Wake me up!!!!!” she wrote on Facebook.

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When an officer approached Prim’s vehicle and urged her to relax she repeatedly said she was “so scared.”

“I was watching the press conferences with Donald Trump on TV. I felt like he was talking to me,” she explained to the police. She also said that she’s a fire dancer as well as a costume designer and that she felt like she had to drive to the ship because she “needed help.”

“I feel like I’m the coronavirus,” said Prim.

While it’s clear this woman needs serious psychological attention, her behavior is a sobering reminder of the effect the president can have on people. There are millions and millions of Americans listening to him, some of them just looking for a reason to lash out at society. Inevitably his aggressive, paranoid rhetoric will have consequences like this.

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