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“Looking for trouble”: Trump slams Pelosi for trying to oversee administration pandemic response

“Looking for trouble”: Trump slams Pelosi for trying to oversee administration pandemic response

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If you were wondering how Donald Trump manages to spend so much time watching TV, tweeting, and still finds the time to do everything possible to turn America into a third world country, the president provided an answer in the second half of today’s weekend tweetstorm.

Perhaps a canny campaign strategist or presidential lawyer has told Trump that he can use sleep deprivation as an excuse for his behavior in office to help him fight any of the post-presidential prosecutorial efforts that will surely target him once the government returns to law-abiding hands.

Given this new proof that the president actually reads the replies to his tweets, many progressive citizens may be inspired to fill his Twitter feed up with their posts telling Trump exactly how they feel about him, but it’s likely that his aides pre-screen and mute any comments that would cause Donnie any mental distress beyond that which he already obviously suffers.

Among the things causing Trump’s mental distress are the persistent Democratic attempts to oversee his pathetic response to the COVID-19 pandemic — an issue he addressed in a tweet trying to excuse the fact that he will allow Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to testify in front of a Republican-controlled Senate committee but refuses to let him speak to the Democratic-led House Appropriations subcommittee overseeing the Department of Health and Human Services.

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The incoherence of Trump’s response — as well as the falsity of his description of the Democrats’ response to the pandemic — indicate that the president has gone further off into the deep end than usual.

If by “nothing constructive” Trump means trying to prevent the president and his cronies from looting the Treasury during the crisis for their own personal benefit, then perhaps a smidgin of the president’s remarks may make some sense, but referring to China as the Democrats’ cash cow simply demonstrates that Trump can’t see anything in this world in any way except through his own distorted propaganda efforts.

Democrats don’t have to look for trouble when it’s staring at them directly in their faces — without a mask,  no less — and installed in the Oval Office.

Trump’s mental deterioration is particularly acute in his next tweet which omits all context to make it virtually indecipherable, so disconnected is its content to the post from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) that the president is retweeting.

If one didn’t already know that Trump was referring to the joint decision by McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to reject an offer from the administration to provide Congress with rapid results testing for the coronavirus because they don’t want to be seen as diverting those scarce resources away from where they are most needed, the president’s comments would make little sense to the casual observer.

The fact that Trump cares so little about the reality of America’s testing crisis as long as he and his staff are taken care of explains his phony claims that testing is available for anyone who wants it.

To Trump, like most lower forms of consciousness, the world ends where his immediate perception ends since he lacks the ability to imagine what is happening outside his own experience and field of vision unless it is neatly wrapped in a ridiculous conspiracy theory of some kind.

Trump was barely coherent before he became president. All the additional stress of the office and — as his tweet today suggests — a severe case of sleep deprivation has rendered his thought processes even more disordered.

Perhaps a mandatory nap is in order. Make it a long one. Set the alarm for November 21st.

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