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Trump Sunday tweet roundup: All the posts you wanted to see but were afraid to read

Trump Sunday tweet roundup: All the posts you wanted to see but were afraid to read

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The change of environs for Donald Trump after he left confines of the White House for the presidential retreat at Camp David seems to have given him new energy which he plowed right into his Twitter feed on Sunday morning.

The president who just yesterday bragged about sleeping very little, woke up today and immediately began addressing pent up grudges — as any sane and mentally balanced individual would do, at least if they weren’t suffering from malignant narcissism.

Trump’s first target today was a fellow Republican, former President George W. Bush, whom the current president likely now considers a RINO (Republican in name only), so transformed has the GOP become during his tenure as to eliminate even the few redeeming qualities  — such as a small modicum of compassion — that Bush tenuously held on to during his tenure.

While Trump uses the words of others to attack his GOP predecessor, he can’t deny that he is attacking the one living president whose performance he has bested, if you consider the massive tanking of the American economy to be a competitive sport.

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His first grudge addressed, the president moved on to self-aggrandizement with the retweeting of praise from his adoring base. He heartily approved of a boat owner who turned his vessel into a sailing Trump campaign ad.

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Having sent a tweet minus any discernable lies or misinformation, Trump more than made up for it with his next few posts.

Besides the obvious lie about Democratic attitudes towards border security, Trump’s tweet is deceptive about both the pace and extent of border wall construction.

The president fails to mention that the vast majority of the wall being erected simply replaces existing barriers, that he has downgraded his estimate of how many miles of wall would be built by the end of the year from 500 miles to 450 miles, and that only 110 miles had been constructed as of early February with the estimate being that only 30 new miles could be constructed monthly before the coronavirus pandemic hit, per a Washinton Post estimate.

Assuming that the construction pace was not affected in the least by the COVID-19 outbreak, those numbers still wouldn’t hit 450 by the end of the year. Not to mention the fact that the wisdom of spending increasingly scarce tax dollars on Trump’s folly rather than on using the money to address the effects of the pandemic and its economic effects is a very questionable strategy that reeks of mismanagement.

With Trump’s approval numbers dropping rapidly in most polls, the president seized upon the one outlier poll to discredit the entire media and accused them of only showing “fake” results, retweeting his own tweet from a day earlier.

In your dreams Donald, in your dreams.

Trump managed to make a news item about the forfeiture of the license of a Maine business owner for defying state emergency closure orders and opening his business, all about himself.

Thinking about himself is so ingrained in Trump’s psyche that it made him nostalgiac for those festivals of self-adulation that he calls his campaign rallies. With the coronavirus preventing him from assembling those large crowds for the time being, the president pined for the good old days of fans screaming their praise to their golden idol.

He gave his latest campaign ad the nod of approval as he used Twitter as a free platform for his political propaganda.

Still, he kept going back to bragging about his outlier poll numbers.

Perhaps sensing that it was time for a brief entertainment break —and some pandering to the few African Americans who might consider voting for him — Trump’s next tweet was an encouraging shout out to boxer Mike Tyson.

The president’s next few posts were retweets of posts that came from family and close associates, like his son Don Jr. and Kellyanne Conway, each one more sycophantic than the last.

Still, Trump was willing to also retweet posts from any random person as long as the post was worshiping at the altar of his past victories.

After retweeting his unicorn of poll results yet a third time, Trump — likely conscious of the falsity or at least the unreliability of those results — renewed is attempts to suppress voter turnout during a pandemic by falsely claiming that mail-in voting was rife with fraud, rather than a tool to allow every eligible voter to exercise their rights to participate in our democracy.

We tried not to allow rigged elections, Donald, but the servile and scared Republican Senate acquitted you of those impeachments charges!

Time for another attack on the media, but let’s throw China in there for good measure.

But wait, it’s been a little while since Trump bragged about his Gallup poll numbers. Can’t let a couple of hours go by without making sure that people see this the president must have thought, but let’s add in a media attack while we’re at it.

Trumnp’s next tweet managed to combine both self-pity and bragging as he crowed about one of his golf courses’ being named best in Great Britain while complaining about not being able to play golf himself in a tweet that likely violated numerous federal regulations against using a governemnt office to promote personal business interests.

Let’s end today’s Trump twitter roundup with the most bizarre post of the day, one that combines its faux scriptural tone with that of a children’s fairy tale.

Let’s assume that one of the “lost souls” in this fictional narrative of the future is Donald Trump himself, so we can append “…and they lived happily ever after” to this fable. That would certainly make Trump’s fairy tale more amenable than the grim reality we currently face.

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