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Trump cheers that he’s finally getting “great reviews” as virus deaths soar past 68,000

Trump cheers that he’s finally getting “great reviews” as virus deaths soar past 68,000

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It has become painfully clear over the past few months that Donald J. Trump is the last person you would ever want in the Oval Office during a pandemic. The man lacks the intellect, work ethic, and fundamental moral spine to provide the kind of leadership needed by this country right now and each day makes that reality even more apparent.

As Americans continue to fall ill and die en masse our president continues to focus on petty feuds with his political rivals and his own overinflated ego. Trump has repeatedly bragged about the “ratings” for his coronavirus press conferences and today he took to Twitter to boast about some “great reviews” he claims his administration is receiving for its handling of COVID-19.

The “great reviews” in question are most likely a complete fabrication because he failed to specify who had given them or where he saw them. More important even than the existence or nonexistence of the reviews though is his fixation on them. Instead of spending his time tending to his administration’s response to the pandemic, he’s tapping away on Twitter trying to make himself look good.

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CNN commentator Keith Boykin put the president’s tweet into perfect context. He pointed out that 30 million Americans are now unemployed, over 1 million now have the virus, and over 68,000 have died. Meanwhile, the president is bragging about “‘great reviews’ like a washed up B-movie star desperate for attention.”

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At this point, the United States has no real option until November. This is who Donald Trump is. He will never change for the better, he will never grow into his office. He’s a small, cruel man incapable of stepping outside his own interests and obsessions. He should never have been made president and every American has a moral obligation to ensure that he is voted out this election. Until then, all we can do is refuse to accept this sordid state of affairs as normal.

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