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Trump publicly drags Kellyanne into his feud with her “deranged loser of a husband” George Conway

Trump publicly drags Kellyanne into his feud with her “deranged loser of a husband” George Conway

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President Trump’s endless disgust for those who have slighted him was leveled at his own party on Tuesday morning as he took aim at the “Lincoln Project,” a group of so-called “NeverTrump” Republicans who have been vocal critics of his administration and have been making headlines by running attack ads against him.

Trump must have finally seen one of these ads, because he erupted in a furious outburst on Twitter and pulled every cheap insult and knock he could out of his little black book.

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He was particularly vicious to George Conway, the husband of Trump’s counselor and chief spin doctor Kellyanne. In the past, he’s largely left her out of his attacks against her husband and allowed their family to continue to play both sides in peace, but it appears he was angry enough to drag Kellyanne into it this time.

“I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband, Moonface, but it must have been bad!” ranted Trump as he took cheap shots at everyone involved in the group and recited their substantial political failures.

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Even more bizarre was his final declaration that President Abe Lincoln, who would have been horrified by what Donald Trump has done to this country while in office and has been dead for over a century, was “is all smiles.”

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While these might not be the most politically successful men in the country, they certainly succeeded in getting under the President’s skin and making sure the whole country knows that Trump’s grip on the Republican Party isn’t as ironclad as he would like you to think it is.

The work the Lincoln Project does to convince moderate Republican voters to jump ship is vital to any Joe Biden election effort this fall, and while these Never Trumpers are still our enemies and are diametrically opposed to a progressive vision of America, ridding this nation of Trump once and for all is a mission we all can put aside our differences to accomplish.

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