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White House official reveals Trump plans to dispute the virus death toll to make himself look better

White House official reveals Trump plans to dispute the virus death toll to make himself look better

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President Trump is trying his hardest to rewrite history. When the coronavirus pandemic first broke out he sought to downplay the risks, presumably out of a concern that panic could hurt the economy or his approval ratings ahead of the 2020 election. Now, he wants us to believe that he took immediate, brilliant action and deserves our eternal thanks.

The result of the White House’s inaction is that the United States failed to act quickly enough to prepare for the viral onslaught and consequentially has been absolutely ravaged by COVID-19. At least 71,000 Americans have died and over 1.2 million cases of the virus have been confirmed in the U.S. It is a colossal and tragic failure on the part of the Trump administration and one that will scar this country for decades to come.

Of course, an egomaniacal political hack like Donald Trump will never admit how badly he botched this crisis and now seems poised to dive into an even more odious form of revisionism. It’s not enough for him to lie about he reacted to the coronavirus outbreak, he now intends to lie about the number of deaths.

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Axios reports that a senior administration official has revealed that President Trump might soon begin “publicly questioning” the official death toll numbers as they outstretch his inaccurate and overly optimistic predictions. The intention is political damage control and Trump’s willingness to engage in this kind of vile misinformation shows that at the end of the day he only cares about Americans dying insofar as it affects his reelection prospects.

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The president, as well as other administration officials, have been batting around the baseless idea that COVID-19 death numbers are being exaggerated because hospitals can receive 20% more from Medicare for treating patients suffering from the novel coronavirus. There is no evidence that hospitals are engaged in fraud to exploit this financial incentive and the administration members toying with the idea are clearly just trying to fashion a narrative advantageous for Trump.

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In reality, it’s like the numbers are even higher than confirmed thus far and likely to continue rising. If and when Trump begins publicly casting doubt on the death count he will be doing a grave insult to the deceased and their surviving loved ones. First, his incompetence ensured more people would die and now he intends to deny those deaths. In every sense of the word, this is reprehensible conduct.

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