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Trump calls Obama admin “human scum” in wild rant about Flynn’s innocence

Trump calls Obama admin “human scum” in wild rant about Flynn’s innocence

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The New York Times reported today that the Department of Justice has decided to drop its criminal case against disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Flynn previously pleaded guilty after lying to the FBI during the Trump-Russia investigation.

The stunning development comes in the wake of the DOJ’s release of documents that MAGA-heads claim show FBI agents illegally plotting to entrap Flynn.  In reality, they simply show agents discussing the possibility of being able to prosecute him and get him fired if he committed perjury (which he ended up doing).

No good faith argument not motivated by Republican partisanship can be made that the documents justify the DoJ abandoning their criminal case. With that fact in mind, it’s worth remembering that the Department of Justice is lead by Trump’s handpicked lapdog Attorney General Attorney Barr. Cast in that light, this decision to abandon prosecution looks a lot like overt corruption.

Explain Adam Goldman and Katie Benner in The New York Times:

“The move also appeared to be the latest example of Attorney General William P. Barr’s efforts to chisel away at the results of the Russia investigation. The documents that Mr. Flynn’s lawyers have cited were turned over as a result of a review by an outside prosecutor whom Mr. Barr assigned to review the Justice Department’s case. Mr. Barr has cast doubt not only on some of the prosecutions in the broader Russia investigation but also on the premise itself, assigning another independent prosecutor to scrutinize the inquiry’s origins.”

Trump was quick to leap on the news and hold it aloft as validation of his oft-repeated claim that Flynn is an innocent man. Speaking in front of reporters inside the Oval Office today, Trump tore into the Obama administration and accused his predecessor’s administration of “targeting Flynn to take down a president.”

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As he often does, Trump was trying to mischaracterize the FBI’s justifiable concerns about his campaign’s interactions with Russian operatives as a gross abuse of power on Obama’s part when the truth is they were simply doing their job. The FBI was right to investigate Flynn and his crooked associates and his eventual guilty plea, as well as the numerous indictments and convictions of other Trump associates, proves it.

Trump went on to say that he hopes a “big price is gonna be paid” by those responsible for the alleged wrongdoing.

“There’s never be anything like this in the history of this country,” he went on, employing his trademark hyperbole. “What they did, what the Obama administration did is unprecedented. It’s never happened, never happened, a thing like this has never happened before in the history of our country. And I hope a lot of people are gonna pay a big price because they’re dishonest, crooked people.”

“They’re scum and I say it a lot. They’re scum. They’re human scum,” Trump added, sinking into the gutter yet again to smear his political enemies.

As is often the case with Trump, we see in his comments a ludicrous degree of psychological projection. He accuses others of being crooked because he’s a lifelong crook. He says others deserve to pay a “big price” because he himself deserves to pay for all the damage he’s inflicted on our country. He calls people “human scum” because… Well, you see the trend.

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