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Twitter brutally mocks Trump’s campaign manager after he calls his operation a “Death Star”

Twitter brutally mocks Trump’s campaign manager after he calls his operation a “Death Star”

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Sometimes Trump and his lackeys let their collective mask slip just enough to give us a clear picture of how they truly view themselves. Today, Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale took to Twitter and did just that. The results were, as usual, disturbing.

Parscale shared a Star Wars GIF of the Death Star—the moon-sized weapon used by the evil Galactic Empire in the movies to commit planetary genocide—and compared it to his campaign team. He wrote that for three years they have been “building a juggernaut campaign (Death Star)” which is now “firing on all cylinders.”

“In a few days we starting pressing FIRE for the first time,” he added, seemingly delighted to paint his boss as the leader of a mass-murdering fascist organization.

Parscale followed the tweet with one claiming that it was the media who originally gave the Trump campaign the “Death Star” nickname but that he’s “happy to use the analogy.”

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The analogy is apt, but not for the reasons Parscale thinks. Perhaps he’s never seen the movies, but he seems to be laboring under the impression that the villains ultimately triumph in Star Wars. In reality, the Death Star is obliterated by the brave Rebel Alliance fighters and good defeats evil. In other words, Parscale is accidentally implying that Trump’s campaign will implode and he’ll be defeated in 2020.

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On a more serious note, there is something truly disgusting about the campaign team for Trump—a man who has torn apart families, thrown children in cages, and indulged in all manner of racist policies and rhetoric—gleefully comparing itself to overt fascists, even fictional ones.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users quickly inundated Parscale with backlash.

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