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Trump says the “wind was blowing” so he didn’t need to wear a mask to meet elderly WW2 veterans

Trump says the “wind was blowing” so he didn’t need to wear a mask to meet elderly WW2 veterans

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Few people bare as much responsibility for the rising American COVID-19 death toll as Donald J. Trump. At the beginning of the pandemic, he sought to downplay risks. When that was no longer tenable because the severity of the outbreak had become undeniable, he pivoted to blaming others, attacking political enemies, and claiming that he did an incredible jump preparing for and reacting to the novel coronavirus.

The simple truth is that countless more Americans are dead and will die because President Trump was and is too lazy and incompetent to do the job he was elected to do. The voters will hold him accountable this November but until then we have to grit our teeth and bear such indignities as having this oaf represent the Oval Office at a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Allied victory over the Axis powers in Europe.

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Trump and First Lady Melania met with eight veterans of WW2, ages 96 to 100, and the president spoke with them individually. While he didn’t give a speech, the ceremony was still newsworthy, primarily because Trump declined to wear a mask. His negligence put the lives of the veterans in danger since elderly individuals are even more at risk of dying from COVID-19 than most people.

CNN’s Daniel Dale reports that Trump was asked why he didn’t wear a mask while meeting with men well into their nineties. The president insisted it was fine because he made sure to stay “far away” from them. “Plus the wind was blowing so hard and such a direction that if the plague ever reached them, I’d very surprised,” he added, showcasing his usual medical illiteracy.

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“They’re so pure, it will never happen alright?” Trump added, as if the men’s moral stature has any effect on their ability to contract the virus. “They’ve lived a great life,” he added, seemingly implying that it’s okay if they catch the virus and die.

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Once again, we see that Trump’s supposed respect for the military is nothing but a farce.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was asked during her press briefing if Trump considered wearing a mask given the fact that his valet just tested positive for COVID-19. Her stunning response: “[The veterans] made the choice to come here because they have chosen to put their nation first.” In other words, if they get sick it’s their own fault.

This administration could not be any more of a disgrace.

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