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Trump’s spokeswoman blames CNN for her past criticism of Trump’s racism

Trump’s spokeswoman blames CNN for her past criticism of Trump’s racism

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There are few decisions more revealing of one’s character than accepting a job in the Trump White House. It telegraphs to the world that you have no real principles, that raw power and influence are far more important to you than anything else and that you’re willing to put your own interests above those of the country. Such a movie is especially shameful when made by someone who previously criticized Donald Trump.

Long before she took the role of the president’s professional liar as White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany had some harsh words for Donald Trump. In 2015, before it was clear that he would become the leader of the GOP and eventually the President of the United States, she repeatedly denounced his bigotry.

“What’s the expiration date then, on a racist statement? To me, a racist statement is a racist statement. I don’t like what Donald Trump said,” said McEnany about then-candidate Trump’s vilification of Mexicans.

Clearly, McEnany has now decided that advancing her own career is more important than standing up for what is right, so she has enthusiastically embraced her new role working for her racist boss.

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During the White House press conference today, McEnany was asked about her previous remarks regarding Donald Trump’s racism and if she holds the same beliefs today.

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“Well, I’m actually glad you asked that because for about the first four weeks of the election I was watching CNN and I was naively believing some of the headlines that I saw on CNN,” she claimed, in what was clearly a preplanned explanation.

The reporter pressed her to answer if she still believes what she said.

“I very quickly came around and supported the president. In fact, CNN hired me. I was on many eight-on-one panels where I proudly supported this president who I believe is one of the best presidents if not the best president this country will ever have,” she responded, sounding for all the world like a North Korean propagandist praising their Glorious Leader.

McEnany then pivoted to chastising CNN and attacking some of her boss’s political enemies. By the end of the embarrassing performance, it was abundantly clear that any scrap of dignity or credibility she may have once had has been sacrificed on the altar of Trumpism.

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