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Ted Cruz gets mad and vulgar after Morning Joe calls him out on his Trump hypocrisy

Ted Cruz gets mad and vulgar after Morning Joe calls him out on his Trump hypocrisy

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With the Senate back in session despite the COVID-19 pandemic — primarily because of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s lust for confirming right-wing judges to federal court before the levers of power are snatched from his hands in the November elections — one would think that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) would have better things to do than engage in social media feuds with cable news presenters.

This is, however, the Trump era where brownie points can be earned by attacking any media labeled as “Fake News” by the president because they insist on reporting facts rather than accepting Trump’s lies unquestioningly.

Thus, there was Senator Cruz on Twitter attacking MSNBC‘s “Morning Joe” Scarborough for sharing a tweet originally sent by ABC’s late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that depicted Vice President Mike Pence delivering what appeared to be empty boxes of personal protective equipment (PPE) to a hospital.

When Scarborough found out that the clip was edited in a way that made it misleading, he promptly deleted his forwarded tweet and posted exactly why he was removing it from his feed.

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Before Scarborough’s retraction and apology, the Texas Senator still found the spare time in his busy schedule to tweet a link to the MSNBC host’s now-deleted post and attack the morning news commentator as a “dishonest and corrupt” journalist, launching a Twitter feud for the ages.

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Scarborough clapped back at Cruz hitting him in his emotional solar plexus with a reminder of how little pride he must have to be so sycophantic towards a president who repeatedly belittled and lied about him when they were both running for the Republican nomination in 2016.

Apparently, them’s fighting words in Texas, and the now-incensed Senator wasn’t going to let Scarborough’s ego-piercing reminder go unanswered.

Oooh! Pretty sick burn from a man known more for his calculated lizardy unctuousness than any particular semblance of wit.

MSNBC‘s Morning Joe got the last words in for this epic insult fest, however, with a two-part post that demolished Senator Cruz with an assault on the evangelical favorite’s brokered soul and his facade of being the representative of the Texas good ol’ boys.

It looks like there’s more contagion than just COVID-19 running around Washington DC these days, as symptoms of lack of credibility seem easily transmissible from Donald Trump to every Republican who has jumped on his collapsing bandwagon.

Congrats to Joe Scarborough both for admitting when he makes a mistake and for calling out those who double down on their own biggest lapses in judgment.

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Original reporting by Brooke Seipel at The Hill.

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