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Angry truckers publicly call out Trump for lying about their horns today

Angry truckers publicly call out Trump for lying about their horns today

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Bluntly put, the Republican Party as a whole does not care if Americans live or die, it does not care if they lose their jobs and it does not care if they can afford to feed their families.

GOP officials are concerned solely with maintaining power and for that reason they’ll give lip service to caring about all of the above things, but when it comes time to actually pass legislation they prove time and again that their only true loyalty lies with the ultra-rich benefactors who put them in power. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that truth has been made more apparent than ever before.

House Democrats stand poised to pass the “Hero Bill,” a $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill, aimed at giving more financial support to the Americans so desperately in need of it. True to form, the Republican-controlled Senate and President Trump have already announced their intentions to block the bill once it leaves the House. Their disdain for the American people could not be any more clear.

As the federal government under Trump refuses to act, workers suffer. Today, a group of truck drivers showed up outside the White House to protest, demanding that the government lend them support to make up for the economic burden caused by lower shipping rates.

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During a press conference in the Rose Garden, the truckers could be heard honking their horns in the distance. Trump, unable to ignore it, decided instead to lie about it. Mid-speech, he stopped and looked off in the direction of the noise.

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“And you hear that outside, that beautiful sound? Those are truckers that are with us all the way. They’re protesting in favor of President Trump as opposed to against,” Trump said, apparently ignorant of what the word “protesting” means.

“There’s hundreds of trucks out there and that’s the sign of love, not the sign of your typical protest. So I want to thank our great truckers. They like me and I like them,” he added.

The truckers themselves felt a need to speak up after witnessing Trump’s blatant lie. CNN’s Daniel Dale reports that the truckers have stated that they are in fact protesting, and not in support of the president. Writes Dale:

“The truckers’ grievances are numerous and varied. They include what they say are unfairly low freight rates during the coronavirus pandemic, price-gouging by the brokers, ill-conceived safety regulations and permissive federal attitudes toward the autonomous vehicles that threaten their occupation.”

Trucker Greg Anderson correctly accused Trump of having “lie on national television.”

“This is a protest. Mr. Trump elaborated that we were here to support him,” said Anderson. “Our message to him would be this is a protest against bad regulation, broker transparency, truck insurance, so on and so forth. This is not here to support Trump. We’re here to get resolution and bring awareness to our problem and fix our problems,” he added.

“This is not a protest in support of Donald Trump or a rally for Trump,” explained trucker protestor Brian Brase.  “Not that we’re against him by any means. Most of these guys here actually probably voted for him, honestly. But we’ve been let down by the administration, by [Transportation] Secretary Elaine Chao, by the FMCSA.”

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Chief executive of the United States Transportation Alliance Michael Landis stated that while some of the protesters do support Trump, some do not. All of them, however, are trying to get the president’s attention in the hopes of persuading him to take action to help them as they struggle to survive the nationwide economic downturn.

Ridiculous and dishonest comments from the president aside, these truckers deserve to be heard. Congress needs to take more aggressive action to help them and other job sectors and President Trump needs to endorse more relief funding. Maybe then there will be reason to believe that he actually “likes” them.

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