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Trump returns to Twitter after a quiet morning to unload a barrage of Obama slams

Trump returns to Twitter after a quiet morning to unload a barrage of Obama slams

Trump couldn’t take being outshined by Barack Obama yesterday after his predecessor delivered not one, but two nationally broadcast commencement addresses and indirectly called out the current administration’s undeniable incompetence in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

After spending part of his day watching the PGA tournament and calling into the broadcast to slam his predecessor, Trump broke his relative absence from Twitter in the morning with a hail of tweets and retweets, most of which were variations on this succinct, if ill-defined post.

As usual, the world portrayed in Trump’s Twitter feed is a mirror image of the reality that the rest of the nations perceives.

It is a place where every crime and misdeed that the current president is accused of is attributed to his opponents, like this post that Trump retweeted demonstrates.

With Republicans responsible for the only recent cases of election fraud prosecuted and with their constant attempts to further restrict voting rights, the unsubstantiated charges about Democrats not only is belied by the 2018 midterm elections but by the Senate Intelligence Committee report that confirmed the Russian assistance Trump received in his 2016 “victory.”

Still, Trump unselfishly awarded a title that is one of the few that he’s rightfully earned for himself to the previous administration in his attempts to discredit both Obama and his presumed opponent in the 2020 race, Joe Biden.

Come talk to us in January, Kambree, and we’ll see how peaceful the next transition will be.

Trump continues to pretend that his handling of the pandemic was something other than his own administration’s massive screwup and that — despite documented evidence to the contrary — he was left without a plan to combat potential pandemics, a phony excuse that is made even less credible by the fact that Trump had three years in office to develop his own preparedness plan.

He bragged about that hastily drawn response in yet another misleading tweet that is undercut by the nearly 90,000 deaths now attributed to the pandemic he failed to move quickly enough to minimize.

Trump should just pack it in and resign.

The entire nation was reminded yesterday how a real president acts and speaks.

We need genuine leadership now before the country its people and the economy are further destroyed by Trump’s incompetence and petulant refusal to recognize his own shortcomings.

But in Trump’s own mind, he’s doing a great job, and it’s all Obama’s fault.

Who’s going to be left to swallow his B.S. when the coronavirus has finally been conquered, possibly years from now?

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Vinnie Longobardo
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Vinnie Longobardo is the Managing Editor of Occupy Democrats. He's a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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