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Trump cruelly mocks “LOSER!” Mitt Romney with insulting Twitter video

Trump cruelly mocks “LOSER!” Mitt Romney with insulting Twitter video

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Donal Trump’s prospects for this November look grimmer by the day.  He’s now responsible for failing to adequately respond to a pandemic that has claimed over 91,000 American lives and infected at least 1.5 million and the economy is in a state of ever-worsening shambles.

Rather than devote himself to correcting his mistakes though, Trump is increasingly leaning in to his worst habits. His childish tweets are growing more frequent in what seems to be a tacit admission that his strategy now is to devote all of his energies to his base rather than expanding his voting bloc and pray for the best come election day. It’s an approach that is unlikely to work and which shows how desperate he has become.

Today, Trump once again went after Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT). The two men have clashed repeatedly in the past and the president still deeply resents Romney for being the only Republican senator to vote in favor of his impeachment.

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The president shared a montage of clips showcasing Romney’s loss to Barack Obama in the 2012 election followed by clips of Trump’s own 2016 electoral victory over Hillary Clinton with the caption “Loser!” Trump, with his trademark classlessness, pinned the tweet on his Twitter account so that it remains the first thing one sees when they visit his page.

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Of course, the real “loser” here is the man who has to make himself feel better about his own failing presidency by bragging about past victories and gloating about irrelevant defeats. The insult was almost certainly prompted by Romney’s recent text calling Trump’s firing of the State Department Inspector General as well as several other oversight officials a “threat to accountable democracy.”

Romney would be wise simply to ignore the president’s pathetic little attack. Time, if it hasn’t already, will vindicate his criticisms and opposition to Donald Trump and this president himself will go down as the worst leader we’ve ever had the misfortune of being chained to. The senator will get the last laugh come November when Joe Biden kicks Trump out of the White House and straight into the dustbin of history.

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