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Trump launches “Truth Over Facts” website to uncover “hidden meaning” in Biden’s words

Trump launches “Truth Over Facts” website to uncover “hidden meaning” in Biden’s words

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The Trump campaign is struggling to find its footing ahead of this November’s election. Their anti-Joe Biden narratives have so far proven muddled and often downright nonsensical.

They can’t rely on misogyny to boost their numbers this time around and it’s impossible to make a convincing case that Trump has done a good job as president with the economy in tatters and over 1.5 million cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the United States. They have very few options for messaging.

A new email from the Trump campaign offers some insight into how the campaign plans to tackle this election: cheap mockery. The campaign is launching a new so-called “investigative website” that they’ve coined “Truth over Facts,” a reference to an impromptu comment made by Joe Biden that takes on a truly Orwellian cast when employed by a campaign as deeply dishonest as Trump’s.

The website promises to start “uncovering the truth behind Joe Biden’s never-ending seemingly incomprehensible statements,” an incredibly hypocritical mission for people working on behalf of Trump, a man who has rarely in his adult life managed to string together a coherent thought.

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Bizarrely, the website claims it will “take a closer look” at Biden’s past statements and consult with “experts” to “discern if there is hidden meaning” behind what he says. The entire conceit is a stab at childish humor. It’s a faux serious investigative show that exists solely to mock occasions on which Biden misspoke, something which every politician does and which Trump does more than most.

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More than anything, this pathetic new line of attack shows that the Trump campaign really doesn’t have anything concrete to hit Joe Biden with. His record is strong and he represents all of the American values that Trump has trashed during his tenure in the Oval Office. Joe Biden is offering a return to the United States as a unified country and a leader on the world stage. Donald Trump is offering corruption and stupid parody videos.

The choice is clear. Donate to Biden and help take back your country.

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