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Lindsey Graham reveals scheme to release “Obamagate” probe results right before 2020 election

Lindsey Graham reveals scheme to release “Obamagate” probe results right before 2020 election

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One need only look to the president’s latest media narrative to see what a dire position the Trump 2020 campaign currently finds itself in. Devoid of any meaningful accomplishments to champion and presiding over an economy in a shambles and a population awash in COVID-19 cases, Trump has invented something he is calling “Obamagate,” a murky hodgepodge of vague allegations against the former president.

The convoluted and absurdly incoherent conspiracy theory revolves around allegations that President Obama wielded the federal government in an attempt to destroy Trump’s 2016 campaign. Like most things Trump says, it makes no sense when exposed to even the most cursory scrutiny and depends on the president’s assumption that his MAGA followers will accept even his most nonsensical claims as fact.

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The conspiracy theory and allegations of wrongdoing are so lazily fabricated that when Trump was asked by a reporter to explain what crime he’s accusing Obama of he floundered and blurted out “Obamagate” in response before launching into a confused, rambling rant. Not even the president himself understands this idiotic narrative.

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Last week, Trump took the extraordinary step of tweeting out that a “Senator or Congressman” should call former President Obama to testify about the “biggest political crime” in American history. Trump claimed that his predecessor “knew EVERYTHING.” As usual, he conveniently failed to explain what “EVERYTHING” is and exactly what kind of crime he’s alleging was committed.

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The tweet ended with Trump urging Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), one of his more reliably obsequious henchmen, to call Obama to testify. “No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more talk!” he concluded.

While Graham said that he thinks it would be a “bad precedent” to make a former president testify in front of Congress, he did announce a “broad probe” into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation and the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Graham promised, “multiple, in-depth congressional hearings” related to Crossfire Hurricane, the code name for the FBI’s entirely justified investigation into the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Now, we have a better idea of exactly what Graham is planning. The senator has revealed that he intends to complete his so-called investigation by October, conveniently just a few weeks before voters head to the ballot boxes. Graham promised the president he would perform a “deep dive.”

Clearly, this entire charade is nothing more than a partisan hatchet job aimed at helping Trump win the election. Graham will trot out some trumped-up accusations, paint the president as a wounded and innocent victim of the sinister “Deep State” and pray that it boosts his election night performance.

It won’t be enough to save Trump from electoral defeat. We can and must remove him from the Oval Office this November.

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