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Trump forgets name of drug he’s peddling mid-sentence: “Hydroxy…”

Trump forgets name of drug he’s peddling mid-sentence: “Hydroxy…”

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Despite numerous warnings from medical professionals that consuming the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is not a cure or safe preventative measure against the coronavirus and could in fact lead to health complications, Trump continues to peddle it.

This week, the president made the stunning claim that he has been consuming it himself to ward off COVID-19, an announcement so unsafe and idiotic that even Fox News ran a segment warning viewers not to try it.

The president’s bizarre insistence on pushing this snake-oil solution to the pandemic makes more sense once one puts it in the context of his long history of anti-science remarks. It makes even more sense when one realizes he owns a stake in a company that produces hydroxychloroquine.

Today, Trump was asked by a reporter about the FDA’s statement that hydroxychloroquine should only be administered in a hospital setting and not be freely consumed at home. Trump dismissed it out of hand as a “false study” and claimed that the drug can only be harmful to people who are already “extremely sick.”

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The president launched into an extended, recursive rant about how hydroxychloroquine is actually safe but the standout part was when he forgot the name of the drug he’s been shilling on behalf of for weeks and weeks.

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“Great studies came out of Italy on hydroxy… You know what I’m talking about right? Right?” Trump, visibly caught up on how to finish saying the rest of the drug name.

With how frequently he’s said “hydroxychloroquine” over the past few months the moment can only really be chalked up to a momentary brain freeze, perhaps even a lapse in the computing power of what appears to be increasingly diminished cognitive powers on the part of the president.

Anyone who consumes hydroxychloroquine on the advice of an elderly, lifelong ignoramus is taking their lives into their own hands. Think about it, do you really want to trust the man who suggested injecting disinfectant into COVID-19 patients might aid their recovery?

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