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Pelosi compares Trump taking office to a child walking inside with “doggy-doo on his shoes”

Pelosi compares Trump taking office to a child walking inside with “doggy-doo on his shoes”

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A sad reality of the Trump presidency is that the United States’ reputation may never fully recover. We’ve now demonstrated to the world that we are but one bad election away from forsaking our role as leader of the free world, abandoning our allies, and rejecting all of the values we claim to uphold.  The damage Donald Trump has inflicted on our reputation will take decades to fully calculate.

The only way forward is to vote him out in November and even that offers no guarantee that we’ll be able to fix what he’s broken. This country has a long and arduous road ahead if it hopes to ever regain the trust of the world at large.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked today about her thoughts on the “appropriateness” of President Trump’s tweets and his behavior in general. For a moment she looked genuinely puzzled, as if unable to understand how anyone could ever think Trump behaves appropriately.

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“You’re asking me about the appropriateness of the actions of this President of the United States? So completely inappropriate in so many ways that it’s almost a given,” she said.

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“It’s like a child who comes in with mud on their pants or something. That’s the way it is. They’re outside playing. He comes in with doggy-doo on his shoes and everybody who works with him has that on their shoes too,” she added, pulling absolutely no punches.

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The comparison is funny but also unfortunately spot on. Trump mucked into the Oval Office on his first day with all his corruption and ignorance and the place has lost much of its dignity since. Everyone in his administration who has enabled him and looked the other way as he works to dismantle our democratic institutions is just as guilty.

The White House is in need of a moral deep cleaning and it’s going to take every patriotic American showing up at the ballot box this election to vote for that cleaning and finally wash the filth out of 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue.

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