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Trump threatens to withhold federal funds from Nevada for holding vote-by-mail primary

Trump threatens to withhold federal funds from Nevada for holding vote-by-mail primary

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On Wednesday morning, President Trump threatened to withhold federal funds from the state of Nevada if they continue to send out what he believes are “illegal” vote-by-mail ballots, arguing that this constituted voter fraud (it doesn’t) and that the state cannot do this (they can).

It appears the president must have watched something on FOX News about how Nevada is holding an unprecedented all-mail-in primary in June and is deeply worried about the precedent that this would set for the nation, even though studies show vote-by-mail does not hold any partisan advantage for one side or the other.

There is nothing illegal about mail-in ballots; each state manages their own elections and this move was instituted by Nevada’s Republican Secretary of State in response to the pandemic that President Trump’s negligence and mismanagement allowed to spread. Nevada already allows any voter to vote by mail.

What might actually be illegal is Trump’s attempt to withhold federal funding to bully states into doing his will.

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His tweet about Nevada followed closely on the heels of a similar outburst aimed at Michigan, which he incorrectly accused of sending out absentee ballots; in reality, they have sent out applications for absentee ballots for those who wish to vote by mail.

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It is very telling that as the president’s re-election chances grow dimmer and dimmer, his undemocratic urges to repress America’s right to vote grow stronger and stronger. Voter fraud is and always has been a nonexistent threat that Republican states use to disenfranchise minorities and rig the electorate in their favor, but it is unprecedented for a president to be so flagrant in his efforts to undermine America’s democracy.

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The 2020 election may very well be the most important in all of American history, as Trump is making it clear it would be the last if he had his way.

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