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Ivanka Trump brutally swarmed by Twitter users after she says the other side of COVID-19 will be “extraordinary!”

Ivanka Trump brutally swarmed by Twitter users after she says the other side of COVID-19 will be “extraordinary!”

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As Americans struggle to survive a deadly pandemic that has already claimed the lives of 96,000 of our fellow citizens and infected over 1.6 million others in no small part due to the president’s inaction and incompetency, there are few people whose commentary on this crisis we need less than Ivanka Trump.

The First Daughter, a ruthless sweatshop owner who owes her global platform and success largely to nepotism, tweeted that what lies on the “other side of this challenge” will be “extraordinary!”

It was the kind of oblivious prognostication that only someone who is supremely privileged and rich and thus insulated from the worst fallout of this pandemic could make.

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Yes, things will certainly be fine for Ivanka and her family after all of this. She doesn’t have to worry about unemployment or putting food on the table like so many millions of Americans now do. In a very real way, she doesn’t even have to worry about losing loved ones to the virus because she—as part of the president’s cronyist inner circle have—has access to regular COVID-19 testing.

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It’s crucial that we maintain hope for the future, but it’s equally crucial that we don’t minimize the difficult road ahead. This pandemic is far from over and we still don’t have a good grasp on what the longterm economic effects will be. If Ivanka actually cares about the effects of the coronavirus on Americans she should spend less time on Twitter and more time convincing her father to pass economic relief legislation.

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Twitter was less than pleased with the First Daughter’s tweet…

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