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Trump unloads on “real ‘garbage'” Fox News hosts for not helping him get re-elected

Trump unloads on “real ‘garbage'” Fox News hosts for not helping him get re-elected

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By just about every imaginable metric, Donald J. Trump is the worst president to ever step into the Oval Office. He has managed to inflict possibly irreparable damage to our global reputation, weakened our democratic institutions, sown distrust in the free press, and deepened America’s already-festering racial divisions all while failing to pass any meaningful legislation beyond tax handouts to the super-rich.

Despite all of these historic failings, tens of millions of Americans still emphatically support President Trump. They wave flags with his face on it, march through the streets in their asinine red ballcaps, and launch themselves like rabid dogs at anyone who dares to criticize their leader. The explanation for this seemingly senseless zealotry is rooted in the fact that Americans now live in two separate political realities.

The first is a reality based on observable facts, a reality where science is respected and material results matter when it comes to politics. The second reality is the one where the MAGA movement resides, a fever swamp of conspiracy theories, paranoia, and racial resentment. It’s a reality that has been meticulously constructed over decades by Fox News.

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Fox is a primary reason why Trump has been able to limp along for four years without losing the support of every single sane American. The right-wing outlet has consistently found ways to spin Trump’s blunders and cast blame on Democrats instead, dousing their viewers in toxic misinformation in the process.

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For his part, the president appears completely oblivious to how much he owes his career to Fox’s lies. Anything less than absolute loyalty infuriates him, so today Trump took to Twitter to slam Fox for what he claims is unfair coverage of his administration.

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Trump claimed that Fox is “doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd.” He stated that while there are “some truly GREAT” people working at Fox there is also “some real ‘garbage’ littered all over the network.”

The president then proceeded to reel off the names of several Fox pundits and accused them of parroting “Democrat speaking points, and lies.” He ranted that the good he perceives the network to be doing is “totally nullified” by the unflattering coverage.

“Net Result=BAD! CNN & MSDNC are all in for the Do Nothing Democrats! Fox WAS Great!” wrote the President of the United States with all the sophistication of a 12-year-old internet troll.

It’s unclear what exactly precipitated this frothing outburst, but it’s possible that Fox’s recent decision to push back against the president’s unfounded and dangerous claims that the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine can help fight COVID-19 isn’t sitting right with the man.

In any case, the strategy here is obvious. Trump is trying to fire up his base so that they write letters and threaten to stop watching Fox unless the network bends and ceases all coverage that doesn’t make the president look good. It’s a cowardly tactic and one which–given its past behavior—Fox is likely to fold to.

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