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Trump Evangelical advisor tweets a racist slave impersonation to mock Biden’s remarks

Trump Evangelical advisor tweets a racist slave impersonation to mock Biden’s remarks

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During a digital interview with The Breakfast Club’s radio host Charlamagne tha God today, former Vice President Joe Biden commented that anyone who is struggling with the decision between himself and Donald Trump “ain’t Black.” The statement, while inappropriate and ill-advised, was clearly not malicious in context and Charlamagne seemed totally unperturbed by it.

Nonetheless, the clip quickly went viral with Republicans decrying and amplifying it in bad faith, trying their best to paint Biden as a racist despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary. The irony of the GOP—a party that draws support from the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, and all manner of white supremacist groups—accusing a stalwart ally of the Black community like Joe Biden of racism should be lost on absolutely no one.

Already, Biden has done the right thing and offered a sincere apology for the insensitive comment. He conceded that he shouldn’t have been “so cavalier” with his wording and stressed that he has never in his political career taken the African-American community for granted.

It’s worth noting that Trump has never once apologized for the laundry list of far more offensive racial comments he’s made in the past. Biden owns and admits his mistakes, Trump doubles down on them.

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Republicans who never genuinely cared about Biden’s comments in the first place beyond their use as a political cudgel are already dismissing his apology. One particularly shocking and overtly racist tweet on the topic was penned by Eric Metaxas, one of Trump’s evangelical advisors and most fanatical supporters.

Channeling what is presumably a caricature of a slave character, Metaxas let loose with an extended bit written in gleefully racist dialect. The tweet itself has to be read to be believed.

Metaxas, like so many conservatives before him, simply couldn’t resist the urge to indulge in bigotry and thought that masking his “joke” as a criticism of Biden would make it acceptable. In reality, the tweet says far more about Metaxas and how he views Black people than it does about the former vice president. It’s inexcusable and exponentially worse than anything Biden has said.

As of this writing, Metaxas still hasn’t had the good sense to delete the stunning tweet.

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