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Trump all but accuses Morning Joe of murder in wild Saturday night tweet

Trump all but accuses Morning Joe of murder in wild Saturday night tweet

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President Trump viciously lashed out on Saturday night by all-but accusing MSNBC’s conservative ex-Republican host Joe Scarborough of murdering one of his aides while he was a Florida Congressman.

After Joe Scarborough and his now-wife Mika Brezinski had a public falling out with their former friend Donald Trump after criticizing him on the air, Trump began to publicly suggest that there was foul play involved in the 2001 death of one of Scarborough’s aides while he was a Florida Congressman.

Medical examiners have concluded that 28-year-old Lori Klausutis died in Scarborough’s office after an abnormal heart rhythm caused her to lose consciousness and she tragically struck her head on a desk.

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But Trump has clung to the story ever since and enjoys taunting Scarborough with the accusation.

He is now repeating his demand that somebody, whether it be Comcast itself or the police, open a “cold case” into the matter, which is odd because media conglomerates usually do not conduct criminal investigations.

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It’s not clear what prompted his latest outburst against the MSNBC host, but we can safely infer at this point that the President saw something critical of him on television.

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The president can send out all the insulting conspiracy tweets he wants, but all they accomplish is digging him into a deeper hole as the coronavirus crisis grows around him.

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