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Trump Saturday AM Twitter roundup: desperate attacks, misleading polls, and recycled material

Trump Saturday AM Twitter roundup: desperate attacks, misleading polls, and recycled material

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So much to tweet, so little time!

Donald Trump went on another Twitter bender this morning, spitting out 21 posts to the social media platform in his continuing demonstration that maintaining his personal branding and campaigning for re-election is more important than trying to navigate the country out of a pandemic crisis that he minimizes and has mismanaged disastrously.

Yet for all his literally furious activity tweeting away, it seems as if the president is running out of original material for his social media con machine.

Trump is increasingly padding his daily Twitter output with retweets of his earlier posts and those of supporters of his administration who parrot his conspiratorial ravings.

Perhaps he thinks that because whatever made-up scandal du jour he had posted about recently hadn’t gained significant media traction, simply retweeting the message a second or third time will help make whatever particular lunatic assertion he’s pushing go viral.

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That being said, let’s look at Trump’s morning posts to investigate what the president thinks is more important spending time on than responding to the collapse of the economy and the over 96,000 deaths already reported due to COVID-19.

Trump began his day on Twitter with a click-bait captioned retweet of an earlier response to a post from the law professor Jonathan Turley, who had testified for the president’s side in his Senate impeachment trial.

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Trump continues to peddle the rehashed “Obamagate” faux-scandal as a distraction to his coronavirus failures despite the fact that the barely-articulated accusations he makes contain no logic or truth.

After a retweet of a retweet by his social media director Dan Scavino Jr. congratulating the incoming — and completely unqualified — Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, Trump reposted a two-day-old tweet accusing Democrats of election fraud by attaching an article from a source that is hardly a paragon of journalistic accuracy, Breitbart News.

Next Trump moved on to promulgating his own brand of “FAKE NEWS,” with his third retweet of a phony poll meme claiming a 50% approval rating, a number that he has never approached during his now over three years in office, according to the FiveThirtyEight compilation of all polls.

In truth, the latest poll from The Hill HarrisX shows Trump losing to Former VP Joe Biden by a narrow one-point margin, but puts him nowhere close to 50% approval which is not much to brag about to begging with depending on which side of the glass half-empty or half-full debate you fall on.

The reason that Trump retweeted that ego-boosting, but meaningless, meme became apparent in his next set of retweets, all of which attacked the negative poll results that even his virtual in-house cheerleaders at Fox News had to report.

Trump’s appeal to the late Roger Ailes — the nefarious right-wing political mastermind who wrote the book on how to weaponize politicized opinion-masquerading-as-news — is telling.

Ailes built his cable “news” operation to brainwash Americans into voting against their own self-interests and died before the apotheosis of his efforts — the inauguration of Donald Trump — would allow him to see the Frankenstein’s monster that he had created.

All those negative numbers inspired Trump to circle back to the ludicrous “Obamagate” accusations for his next post, this one a retweet from one of the the president’s congressional bulldogs, Rep. Jim “Gym” Jordan (R-OH).

One would think that touting the fact that a top prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller — someone who has presumably read all of the redacted parts of the Mueller report — is actively campaigning for Joe Biden is more of an indictment of Trump than anyone else,  but in the topsy-turvy world of the right-wing, one must abandon all logic before entering that portal.

Trump went on to post a shout out to his bikers for Trump buddies and praise an African American Trump supporter in a poorly thought-out tweet meant to help cure his horrendous approval numbers in the black community that the casual observer might mistakenly interpret as a tribute to Democratic Senator Kamala Harris.

The New York Times was the president’s next target with a couple of tweets so full of petty jealousy and personal animosity that the effectiveness of the newspaper’s coverage of the president in getting under his skin becomes undeniable.

The morning tweetstorm continued with an endorsement of a Pennsylvania GOP congressional candidate, a foolish push to reopen churches in the middle of a pandemic that could backfire and lead to fewer evangelical Trump supporters still alive in November to vote for him, and another quixotic appeal to black voters, using his signing of the criminal justice reform bill as bait.

Needing some filler, Trump then retweeted his attacks on Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel from Thursday, still angry over her calling out his refusal to wear a face mask during his tour of the Ford factory in that state in violation of the state’s and the motor company’s own health guidelines.

A retweet of a biased Fox News clip filled the next slot in the president’s periodic attacks on Joe Biden, before it was time to post some more misleading poll results.

Trump forgot to include the fact that the same poll found that if a second wave of coronavirus erupts from the premature reopening of businesses then Donald Trump will shoulder most of the blame and that “Donald Trump is the person least trusted to make decisions about reopening the economy (just 50% trust a lot or some).

Ah, that’s where they got the 50% approval number from. They just forgot to mention that 50% equaled last place in the poll.

Trump concluded his morning Twitter session with two more political attacks. The first was another attack on Joe Biden, again recycling an earlier tweet.

We’re so glad that Trump is finding his purpose in life, but anyone who still believes that this charlatan will restore America’s “greatness” is so divorced from reality as to require institutionalization.

The final tweet in Trump’s AM arsenal was a petulant tweet against Never Trump Republicans who are preventing him from reaching a perfect 100% approval rating amongst members of his own party.

Trump’s math skills are apparently as bad as every other skill he lacks since a simple equation can tell you that if two Republicans in name only equals four percent of the party, then the total party membership would be only 50 people.

As much as many of us would like that to be true, it’s obvious that the attack ads being run by disgruntled members and former members of the party occupied by Team Trump are quite effective at riling the president’s combative nature. We can only hope that those ads combined with the obvious mismanagement of both the medical response to the pandemic and the economic fallout will peel away enough disenchanted Republicans to ensure Trump’s defeat in November.

That’s the state of Trump’s Twitter feed this Saturday morning. A rehash of old material and failed strategies to improve his standing in the election polls.

The man needs a new writer and some fresh content if he expects to keep the gap between his claimed popularity and the reality on the ground to be the least bit credible.

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