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Trump’s Sunday AM tweets: Pelosi gagged, his press secretary with a joint, and murder accusations

Trump’s Sunday AM tweets: Pelosi gagged, his press secretary with a joint, and murder accusations

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Despite his constant attacks on mainstream media as “Fake News,” Donald Trump’s own Twitter feed is a cesspool filled with lies, misinformation, and distorted reality.

The president’s primary means of communicating his feeble thoughts and self-serving agenda has as much relation to actual news as supermarket tabloids like the National Enquirer and the Weekly World News have to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

One look at Trump’s Twitter feed on this Sunday morning will provide any person with the slightest bit of intellect exactly what they need to know about this president — that he’s a fraud and a conman with no discernable redeeming qualities, willing to say or do anything to get re-elected since he knows that once out of office he will be heading straight to a series of court battles that will eventually land him in prison if America can refashion its Justice Department back into an instrument that enforces laws equitably.

It’s not just the insane rants that the president himself posts under his own name that demonstrate his complete moral lack of qualifications for the job that he holds.

The posts that he chooses to retweet are equally bad, if not worse, curated from the foulest dregs of the internet from people holding the most despicable viewpoints imaginable.

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Take Trump’s series of retweets of posts last evening from John K. Stahl whose Twitter bio describes him as a “Conservative, Naval Aviator, Retired High Tech Executive. Golfing, Investing and Traveling. Just a regular guy wanting to Make America Great Again.”

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You wouldn’t know it from his bio but Stahl has been a failed candidate for Congress in the San Diego area for the past 13 years.

Despite the fact that the people in California’s 52nd district have rejected his political views and candidacy repeatedly, Trump liked Stahl’s opinions enough that he saw fit to retweet eight of his posts to his own following, perhaps because Stahl’s boorish style is so similar to his own.

Trump likes to call his political opponents belittling names, so, naturally, he wanted to repost the tweet where Stahl calls Hillary Clinton a “skank.”

Add your name to reject Trump & Republicans’ vile idea of sacrificing seniors’ lives to save the stock market!

So classy of both Trump and Stahl! It almost distracts you from the fact that the poll numbers being touted are far outside the average ratings culled from multiple polls by FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics that indicate a disapproval rating of 53% or higher.

Trump’s next retweet from Stahl is particularly perplexing. One can understand why the president would want to retweet the unctuous praise for his new press secretary that includes gratuitous slams at White House correspondents as flacks for the Democratic National Committee, but why in the world pick a post that has Kayleigh McEnany portrayed with a huge spliff of marijuana clenched between her pearly whites?

Apparently all you need to to be retweeted by the president is to stroke his ego by praising his actions or restating his talking points, as Stahl does repeatedly in several retweeted posts lauding Trump’s idea to send journalists into space to get rid of them and reinforcing his attacks on voting by mail.

Of course, anyone who attacks Nancy Pelosi is almost automatically a candidate for a presidential retweet.

Attacking a potential Vice Presidential choice for presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden is always a good way to attract Trump’s attention as well.

And Trump supporters wonder why they are called deplorables?

It wasn’t just a failed California congressional hopeful whom the president deemed to grace with his seal of approval, here’s a sycophantic post of adoration for Melania Trump from “Anything I don’t like is RACIST,” who loves Jesus, stands hand over heart for the national anthem, and follows back all MAGA patriots:

The Kennedy’s are surely turning over in their graves with that comparison!  COVID-19 is doing a better job of working its way into the hearts of the American people than Melania Trump, whose relative silence is her only redeeming quality outside of her physical appearance.

After warming up with these and a few other choice retweets, Trump was ready to compose a few of his own original posts.

There was his commentary on a Breitbart article twisting filmmaker Michael Moore’s remarks warning Democrats to not take Trump’s defeat for granted:

Both Trump and Breitbart fail to note how much overwhelming enthusiasm there is among the American people to remove an incompetent fool from office, whatever their level of excitement about Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate. At this point, any inanimate object would be a less harmful presence in the Oval Office.

Trump simply can’t let a day pass without trying to discredit mail-in ballots as a legitimate method of voting since he has to lay the seeds for his likely eventual disavowal of the results of any election that he will lose, as he sent this tweet as his latest salvo in that battle.

Donald, didn’t anyone tell you that you’re not supposed to reveal the Republican strategy for stealing the election to everyone? Thanks for the warning! We’ll make sure to have especially vigilant poll observers at every step of the mail-in voting process so that you can’t repeat the GOP ballot harvesting schemes that you used so successfully in North Carolina recently.

Now that he was warmed up, Trump dove right into the deep end with a repeat of his gob-smacking murder accusations against MSNBC host Joe Scarborough that he also tweeted out yesterday to universal incredulity.

Since Trump rarely accuses his targets of things of which he hasn’t himself been guilty, it may be prudent to get a DNA sample from the president to match against the evidence in unsolved murder cases around the country. Just sayin’.

Trump concluded his morning social media spree with a textbook example of his lie-filled propaganda.

The truth of the matter is that — assuming the president is referring to COVID-19 rather than cases of beer sold, numbers of employed people, and deaths from traffic accidents — deaths from coronavirus are rising or relatively flat in 33 states despite lockdown measures and will surely grow now that restrictions are being lifted across the country.

This is what we’re dealing with, folks.

A boorish madman has been handed the reigns of power, and we need to grab them back before the damage he has done becomes irreversible.

Trump must be defeated. The writing is on the wall, or at least on his Twitter feed.

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