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Mealy-mouthed Trump bumbles his way through Memorial Day speech

Mealy-mouthed Trump bumbles his way through Memorial Day speech

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President Trump kicked off this Memorial Day with a long-winded rant about the only subject he truly cares about: himself. Rather than devoting all of his attention today to the brave men and women who have died fighting for the United States he let loose with a truly deranged tweetstorm about his golfing habits compared to President Obama’s.

The bizarre outburst was clearly precipitated by the widespread and well-founded criticisms of Trump’s decision to go golfing as COVID-19 continues to ravage the country. Nearly 100,000 Americans are dead, almost 1.7 million have been infected, and the president who originally dismissed the coronavirus as a Democratic “hoax” is busy practicing his backswing.

More than anything it served as a reminder that not even a somber occasion like Memorial Day is enough to get Trump to act like a real president.

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After his disgraceful Twitter episode, the president visited Fort McHenry to give his version of a Memorial Day speech which—to the surprise of nobody who has been sentient for the past four years—turned out to be an embarrassing hodgepodge of inane ramblings and borderline illiteracy.

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At one point during his clearly prewritten but clearly unfamiliar to him remarks, Trump squinted, struggling to decipher his speech as he got caught up in a weird back-and-forth limbo between the words “hell” and “held.”

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It’s something he does often while speaking: misread or misunderstand a word, then continue on before circling back to the word in an attempt to make his misspeaking sound like it was intentional. The result is an utterly unique Trumpian incoherence.

“They did not retreat. They stared down the invasion and the held…that they had to endure… The fact is they held like nobody could have held before, they held this fort,” Trump said, describing the Battle of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 in his inimitable fashion.

Watch the clip below and then make sure to vote in November. One of the best ways to honor the American fallen is to put someone in the White House who actually cares about what this country stands for.

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