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Trump argues he was golfing “for exercise” and attacks Obama’s golf trips in Memorial Day tweet

Trump argues he was golfing “for exercise” and attacks Obama’s golf trips in Memorial Day tweet

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Almost inevitably, President Trump kicked off what will hopefully be his final Memorial Day in office by launching a petulant and whiny Twitter tirade in defense of his decision to play golf during the middle of a pandemic that has caused the preventable deaths of 100,000 Americans.

Furious that the media was publicizing the news of his lazy escape on Sunday, Trump claimed that the “fake news” was making it sound like he had committed a “mortal sin” and tried to argue that it was acceptable behavior since he hadn’t golfed in —shock, horror — almost three months!

Scrambling to make himself look better, he then turned to his excuse for literally everything: blame President Obama.

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It is the height of hypocrisy for Trump to criticize Obama’s golfing habits, since the President has visited one of his golf clubs or gone golfing 251 times, with the estimated cost to the American taxpayer currently at around $134 million dollars — more than twice the number of times Obama had golfed during his first term as president.

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Perhaps realizing that the optics of him playing golf while a pandemic raged that he deliberately refused to address in time were not the best, Trump tried to do damage control by blaming Obama for an ISIS murder and then claimed that he has “shattered 100%” of the ISIS caliphate, which unfortunately is not true.

But the president refused to recognize that a good deal of the consternation around his golf trip was based around the fact that he failed to go to church after ordering religious establishments be re-opened to the public against the advice of medical experts — and of course that the president should not be playing games and enjoying himself while 100,000 Americans lay dead because of his appalling mismanagement and negligence.

Incapable of taking any responsibility for anything he says or does, we can assume it won’t be long before he is openly blaming the death toll on President Obama. He’s already concocted new Obama-centric conspiracy theories to distract the public with and now appears to be taking aim at Joe Biden as well.

There are now 100,000 reasons that we cannot trust this man with another four years in charge of this once great nation, and tweets like this are just further proof that even during one of the worst crises our nation has ever faced, Trump refuses to take his job seriously and can only think about satisfying his primitive, selfish impulses.

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