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Trump’s spokeswoman clashes with reporters, blames Morning Joe for Trump’s wild accusations

Trump’s spokeswoman clashes with reporters, blames Morning Joe for Trump’s wild accusations

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On Tuesday, the press finally decided to challenge the president’s press secretary over his now almost daily promotion of a vile conspiracy theory blaming MSNBC host Joe Scarborough for the tragic death of his aide Lois Klausutis.

This morning saw the president once again calling for the opening of a “cold case” investigation into “Morning Joe,” hinting heavily that Joe was responsible for murdering her. Bizarrely, the president claimed he would “always be thinking about” the crime when he was conducting his softball interviews with his former friends.

In typical Trump fashion, he included a crude dig at Scarborough’s wife and co-host Mika Brezinski by slamming her as his “wacky future ex-wife.”

During this afternoon’s press conference, ABC’s Jon Karl spoke out and demanded to know why the president continues to promote unfounded conspiracy theories, to the horror of Klausutis’ bereaved family.

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“This is pretty nuts, isn’t it? The president is accusing somebody of possible murder. The family is pleading with the president to please stop unfounded conspiracy theories. Why is he doing this?” demanded Karl. He’s the president of the United States…and he’s accusing somebody of possible murder. This is different. He’s not a private citizen. He’s the president.”

McEnany tried to pivot by arguing that is was Morning Joe who had been making false accusations. “Joe Scarborough, if we want to start talking about false accusations, we have quite a few we can go through,” snapped back McEnany.

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“Mika accused the president of 100,000 deaths and that’s incredibly irresponsible. They’ve dragged his family through the mud. They’ve made false accusations that I won’t go through. They should be held to account for their falsehoods! Joe Scarborough should be held to account for saying people will die by taking hydroxychloroquine.”

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He was quickly followed up by the White House Correspondent for PBS, Yamiche Alcindor, who tried to get the Secretary to answer why Trump wouldn’t give Klausutis’ widower some peace.

In response, Kayleigh McEnany claimed that Scarborough himself had “joked” about the incident himself in a radio interview with Don Imus and immediately tried to jump to a question from the sycophantic OAN reporter. Mika Brzezinski quickly took to Twitter to set the record straight on that front:

Add your name to reject Trump & Republicans’ vile idea of sacrificing seniors’ lives to save the stock market!

It is a show of callous cruelty from the president and his lackey, whose protests that the deceased woman was “in their prayers” immediately proven insincere by her continued smearing of Joe Scarborough.

This morning, Klausutis’ widower issued a heartwrenching plea to the president to please stop abusing the memory of his dead wife to pursue some bizarre and entirely baseless feud with a morning talk show host.

But it appears his words have fallen on deaf ears.

After Joe Scarborough and his now-wife Mika Brezinski had a public falling out with their former friend Donald Trump after criticizing him on the air, Trump began to publicly suggest that there was foul play involved in the 2001 death of one of Scarborough’s aides while he was a Florida Congressman.

Medical examiners have concluded that 28-year-old Lori Klausutis died in Scarborough’s office after an abnormal heart rhythm caused her to lose consciousness and she tragically struck her head on a desk.

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