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Jerry Nadler claps back at Eric Trump after he tries to use his own words against him

Jerry Nadler claps back at Eric Trump after he tries to use his own words against him

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Eric Trump may be perceived as the dimmest bulb lighting up the Trump family tree, but he has sufficient consciousness to parrot his dad’s social media talking points on Twitter.

With Donald Trump realizing that his deficit in the popular vote in 2016 will likely be magnified multiple times in 2020 if voter turnout is high and people are able to vote by mail to overcome any fears of contracting COVID-19 at crowded polling places, the Trump administration — and family — have been on a prolific propaganda campaign to paint absentee voting as rife with fraud desire the fact that the president himself voted by mail this year and his Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has used absentee ballots no less than 11 times in the past ten years.

Trump’s second son was at the ready to bolster his dad’s campaign as he tweeted out old video footage from 2004 of Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, characterizing paper ballots as “susceptible to fraud.”

As Nadler himself points out in the 16-year-old video clip, paper ballots are not immune to fraud, possibly in the form of “lost,” destroyed, or stolen ballots.

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Still, the fact that a paper trail exists to accommodate recounts of the vote makes hand-marked paper ballots infinitely less susceptible to the kind of automated voter fraud and hacking to which electronic touch-screen voting machines can be subject.

When Representative Nadler saw Eric Trump’s tweet, he responded with a sarcastic greeting and a quick rejoinder that demolished any political points that the spawn of the president’s loins may have hoped to score.

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While the elder Trump may have initially called the fight against COVID-19 a war against an “invisible enemy,” it is a battle that he has largely retreated from with his cowardly tail between his legs as he offloaded any responsibility for victory to state officials around the country while he took Memorial Day weekend to play golf twice.

To those on the ground still fighting the war against the virus, the idea that Trump should abandon his presidential campaign and simply resign in the face of his horrendous failures and diminished mental capabilities is gaining increasing support among the president’s opponents.

Unfortunately, Trump’s monstrous ego and the likelihood of his criminal prosecution for crimes that the current Justice Department refuses to indict him for — citing presidential immunity — make Trump’s resignation an improbable event.

Until then the best we can do is work to make sure that he is defeated by an undeniable landslide in November in a free election without voter suppression and with measures in place —like widespread availability of absentee ballots  — to ensure that fear of contracting coronavirus won’t prevent people from exercising their most basic rights and responsibilities as citizens.

So, Eric Trump, go back to being the forgotten son and shut your pie hole about unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in posts that echo the demented ravings of your lunatic father. Even Twitter has been forced to fact-check and label your father’s posts on the subject as misleading and untrue, so why are you perpetuating the same unfounded lies?

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Original reporting by Brad Reed at RawStory.

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