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Kellyanne provokes outrage by comparing long voting lines during pandemic to buying a “cupcake”

Kellyanne provokes outrage by comparing long voting lines during pandemic to buying a “cupcake”

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The Republican Party is terrified of the American voter. The GOP has decayed down into such a transparently soulless organization catering solely to the whims of the rich that they stand little chance of winning elections without voter suppression methods. The numbers show that large election turnouts favor Democrats because the Democratic platform is more generally popular than the GOP’s.

Faced with this reality, Republicans have devised all manner of ways to depress turnout and now with COVID-19 ravaging the United States—in no small part due to the incompetent governance of President Trump and his Republican enablers—GOP operatives and officials are coming out in strong opposition to vote-by-mail measures for November.

The president has been spreading misinformation on the subject by erroneously claiming that vote-by-mail causes widespread voter fraud. It’s a claim that nobody with real familiarity with the facts takes seriously but one which his conspiratorially-minded supporters have eagerly lapped up.

Today, White House counselor and loyal liar for the president Kellyanne Conway spoke to reporters and mirrored her boss’s hostility to vote-by-mail.

“People are very proud to show up and go to the polls, they really are. I mean they wait in line at Georgetown Cupcake for an hour to get a cupcake. So I think they can probably wait in line to do something as consequential and critical and Constitutionally significant as cast their ballot,” Conway said.

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The naked disregard she has for the lives of Americans is staggering. She and Trump would rather force voters to line up in close proximity with one another and risk contracting the coronavirus than allow them to vote-by-mail. Over 100,000 Americans are already dead and these people can’t even pretend to care.

Oh, and people aren’t lining up at Georgetown Cupcake in DC. As some pointed out, the establishment is doing delivery only due to the pandemic. So not only was her comparison insulting, it was false.

Twitter users were quick to react with a mix of mockery, disbelief, and sarcasm.

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